TBJ Top 5, featuring cool runnings

Not a great slate of games tonight, I’m sorry to admit. That’s what happens when the NBA goes up against another big-time sport. They back off. When your season is 98 weeks long, you can afford a few nights off. Anyhow, here’s what’s going down.

Houston Rockets at Boston Celtics
“Could these teams BE any more different?” — Bandler Ching, NBA expert

Memphis Grizzlies at Charlotte Bobcats
Clearly this game is one of tonight’s marquee matchups. Surely it will do huge television ratings in the football-crazy south, where both teams are located. I am positive that this game will not be overlooked by casual sports fans.

Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls
The Bulls are 24-12 and 16-3 at home. The Pistons are 12-24 and 3-16 on the road. This is a game between mirror images even down to the fact that the Bulls are good and the Pistons are bad. Let’s just hope nothing shatters in to a kajillion razor-sharp shards because that sounds dangerous.

College Football National Championship Game — Auburn vs. Oregon (ESPN — 8pm ET)
Allow me to put on my College Football Jones t-shirt to offer a wise and sure-to-be accurate prediction: Oregon will win because ducks deserve the limelight every now and then. Tigers are everywhere, man — Ed Hardy shirts, cereal boxes, golf courses — give ducks some love.

Hoarders (A&E — 10pm ET)
I know you’re going to act like you don’t want to watch a show about a guy who lives with 2,000 rats that he considers his children, but deep down inside we all know you want to watch. Just turn it on. No shame. It’s not like you’re the one with the rats.