Super-high, ill-conceived, terribly thrown lob over an opponent? Check.

One-hand violent throwdown? Check.

Mostly blank but kind of angry facial expression upon completion of dunk? Check.

Announcers freaking out? Check.

Yep, full-on Blake Griffin here by Derrick Rose. Well played.

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  1. this should be your ASG starting PG.

  2. Awesome play by Rose, but I swear I want to strangle the Bulls announcers every time I hear them.

  3. Agreed, Thom. Stacey King is basically the worst. And I’m a Bulls fan.

  4. I was there. the loudest I’ve heard the UC since Rose hit the three at the buzzer against Houston

  5. you forgot the “give up the ball then immediately point to the sky”

  6. Stacey is not too bad… Neil Funk is a whole different story… You can strangle him Trey…

  7. as for the dunk It was amazing but the one against Atlanta was better…

  8. Rose made up for the poor lob pass by Brewer.

  9. Agree with Seb: a pass and then point to the sky.

  10. Even from behind you can sense McGrady mourning the loss of his former powers of flight.

  11. As awesome as that d-rose alley was . . . a real PG would have thrown the oop to Ronnie Brewer (6’11 wingspan, 42″ vert) . . . but selfish sells in the NBA.

  12. AllThatAmar are you kidding bro? the outlet was to brewer. do you want to slow down the game to find rose, stop the fast break and not get that shot? of course not. derrick just put himself in the right place at the right time. he wasn’t the one who threw the pass was he?

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