Walt Frazier goes cheetah

Walt Frazier wore that jacket to Sunday’s Knicks game in Los Angeles. He wore it with python skin boots, complete with attached python head. He’s basically a living, breathing embodiment of the cover for the B-52s’ single “(Meet the) Flintstones,” and I don’t possess the intellect or vocabulary to elucidate just how incredible this whole get-up really is.

The best way to properly describe this look is through the origin story of the coat, as told to Newsday’s Alan Hahn:

Some background on Frazier’s suit: he said he was furniture shopping and saw the print. Wanted it. Bought the material and had suit made.

Oh, really? Because that is exactly what it looks like. Sometime’s it is nice to know that your intuition is right. Of course Walt Frazier walked in to a furniture store, saw a cheetah print couch and decided to have it made in to a blazer. That is hardly surprising.

Especially when you consider what former Knicks teammate Phil Jackson said about Frazier’s 1970s coat collection, courtesy of ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

“He had maybe 10 different fur and [animal] hide coats … the elephant one must have weighed about 40 pounds.”

Yep. Sure. 40 lb. elephant coats, python head shoes and a jacket made out of couch fabric. Totally what you’d expect from Clyde Frazier. Just your everyday, run-of-the-mill outrageous wardrobe that very few humans could even conceptualize. No big deal, really.