Toronto Raptors 118, Sacramento Kings 112
A win against the Tyreke-less Kings might not be as impressive as a win against the Tyreke-ful Kings, but when you’re the Raptors you take what you can get. Plus, five guys in double-digits isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Los Angeles Clippers 105, Golden State Warriors 91
In a roundabout way, it is probably to the Clippers’ benefit that Vinny Del Negro has very little offensive coaching ability. That means he’s OK with Baron Davis just randomly lobbing the ball to Blake Griffin, which is super cool for fans. Vinny is for the people.

San Antonio Spurs 94, Minnesota Timberwolves 91
The Spurs didn’t score in the last 3:24 of this game, yet they still won, as you can see by those numbers directly above the beginning of this sentence. Not surprising, considering the Spurs have beat the T-Wolves 15 straight times.

Phoenix Suns 108, Cleveland Cavaliers 100
Not sure which is worse, here — either being a team that has five rotation players miss a game that would turn out to be a 10th consecutive loss, or being the team that played that team and only winning by eight on your home court. A win’s a win, but this win is also a yikes.

Miami Heat 107, Portland Trail Blazers 100 OT
Dang it, Trail Blazers. You had’ em. Totally had ‘em. But instead, the Heat are still technically able to break the season record for wins in a season during one season. All they have to do is win their next 43 games. Dang it.

New Orleans Hornets 96, Denver Nuggets 87
If this was the end of Denver’s ‘Melozoic Era, then it is good to see that it went out with a dinosaur extinguishing meteor explosion. 8 points on 3-11 shooting, a loss and the team’s second-worst scoring performance of the season. Quality possible final impression.

Los Angeles Lakers 109, New York Knicks 87
On one hand, maybe this is a serious rivalry now, with all the clotheslines, technicals and ejections. But on the other hand, the Associated Press’ list of celebrities in attendance included, the guy from “The Mentalist,” Arli$$ and Dax from “Punked.” The Knicks are good but that’s not the star-studded elite you usually hear about in Tinseltown.