The Sacramento Kings are close to a new deal that will see Power Balance LLC — the maker of ridiculous sports wristbands designed to work with your body’s, um, “natural energy field” — replace ARCO as the naming-rights sponsor of the team’s arena, according to multiple reports.

The Sacramento Bee reports the deal is for five years.

Kings blog Sactown Royalty was the first to report the agreement.

And, well, The Basketball Jones is the first to show you the Kings’ new logo:

It’s a little rushed, yes. BUT, MY LORD, DO THOSE SWORDS LOOK BALANCED!

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  1. Why would they do this? Didn’t they hear the news about this bracelet doesn’t actually work like they advertise it?

  2. Perfect marriage between two worthless products.

  3. Looks like they need something to bring in revenue, since selling tickets isn’t working for the Kings.

  4. The company even officially admitted that the bracelets do not work.

    Sorry, only have a crappy Google Translate page of a Dutch news site.

  5. this is a Mickey Mouse move and shows how desperate they are for income.

    It’s almost certain the Kings will be moved now.

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