Scottie Pippen played 17 seasons in the NBA. He won six titles, played in seven All-Star Games, was named to the All-Defensive first team eight times, the All-NBA first team three times and was voted one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players during the NBA’s 50th anniversary celebration. And while he’s never broke through in the NBA Shooting Stars competition, finishing second in 2007, it’s clear that Scottie Pippen is well-versed in basketball.

Moreover, he’s a member of the Naismith Hall of Fame twice, once for his personal career and a second time for being a part of the Dream Team in the 1992 Olympics. When it comes to Hall of Fame credentials, the man knows what he’s talking about. That’s why people should listen to what he has to say about former teammate Dennis Rodman. From

“We all watched Dennis’ career and we know just how good he was as a basketball player,” Pippen said. “I think we all got caught up in his antics, and things he did away from the game, and it sort of disrespected or took attention away from what he did on the basketball court. But he is surely a Hall of Famer.”

As a bro who is literally wearing a Chicago Bulls 1998 NBA Championship t-shirt right now, I couldn’t agree more. As a basketball fan who likes considering the Hall of Fame, I couldn’t agree more. Dennis Rodman is a Hall of Famer, no duh. But, as Pip mentioned, the antics might keep him out, which would be terrible.

Any other player who isn’t Dennis Rodman but had Dennis’ stats, five championships, two Defensive Player of the Year awards, seven rebounding titles, two All-Star Game selections and seven first team All-Defensive nods would be a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame. Just because he kicked a photographer in the nuts, wore a wedding dress to book signings and was just very Rodman-y throughout his career doesn’t mean he should be left out. There are tons of jerks in the Hall of Fame, so that’s not much of a reason to not bestow this honor upon a guy Phil Jackson called “the greatest athlete I ever coached.”

In fact, if you ask me, the only thing to consider with regards to Dennis Rodman as a Hall of Famer is what color his hair should be on his picture. Here’s one vote for blond with the red swoop in the front.