Ep. 643: Rubberneckin’

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas present “Wild and Wacky Wednesdays” to commemorate the craziest night of NBA action in a long while: Cleveland’s jaw-dropping, season-ending blowout loss, LeBron’s angry Buddhist tweet, that ugly overtime game in Washington, and the good ol’ 5 techs in 10 seconds sequence in Minny. All that, plus an impressive Knicks win, new developments in the ‘Melo trade saga, and the “Free Nash” movement gains momentum.


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Comments (29)

  1. Note: Vimeo was actin’ a fool today. IT’S SO WILD AND WACKY!

  2. Skeets this is yesterdays episode lol.

    Got the fly TBJ shirt in the mail couple days ago, looks awesome.

  3. ok nvm u guys fixed it fast

  4. Vimeo seems like it’s just not hosting this!

    Damn son! I’m tryin to watch

  5. I believe that LeBron sketch is chiaroscuro.

  6. Skeets,
    Why do you hate on the Blazers so bad? Tas seems to be a fan of the team, but I can’t think of a single positive point you have made in their favor. I am a newer viewer (just this year) so I don’t know if you have explained this negativity before.

  7. I want Steve Nash out of Phoenix and on a contender. I’m hoping he’ll sign with the Heat after next season for vet min. He’s still putting up numbers comparable to his mvp seasons and hasn’t really slowed down. I could see him playing into his 40′s.

  8. Hate? What hate?

    I predicted some Heat OT hangover, which the Blazers showed — and even admitted to — and I pointed out that their offense was pretty predictable down the stretch. It was. They had 8 assists … against that lock-down New York defense.

    Look, there’s no point sugarcoating it; your Blazers played poorly.

    But if you want to talk ’bout Blazers fans, in matching LMA jerseys, proposing to each other at the Rose Garden … oh, yeah, let’s fucking talk hate.

  9. There’s got to be some middle ground between “being a fan” and “hating”. I don’t get the sense that these guys hate any team. I don’t think Tas is a fan of the blazers….just Wes Matthews.

  10. lol fucking embarrassing, kinda disappointed that the lakers couldn’t double them up tho. Goddamn lebron always taking the spotlight, i actually would have thought his tweet to be funny if he hadn’t brought god into it like an asshole. yea i’m sure if there is a god, getting back at the people who dare to disrespect lebron is high on his to do list, of course he could just be referring to himself when speaking about god i wouldn’t put it past him haha

  11. Skeets,
    I apologize for using the word hate, it was too strong, but I still think that you talk about the Blazers with a sour taste in your mouth. I don’t expect you to talk about all the teams in the same way, I was just curious what sparked the dislike of the Blazers.

    I completely agree with you that the Blazers were EXTREMELY predictable, and that the LaMarcus proposal was out of control. Also I didn’t try to sugarcoat anything about the Blazers play last night, something like 35% shooting and 8 assists against New York!? I don’t think all the sugar in the world could cover up those gems.

    By the way I love the show. Great chemistry between you guys and its great to have a place to get NBA news that you won’t get from watching sportscenter or NBA.com

  12. Tas, I must know where you got that shirt.

    And geez, watch the spoilers, Skeets. I get my suspense mainly from TBJ now that Lost is off the air.

  13. Skeets, you blew any advertising possibilities from HoJo.

  14. Free Nash trade idea:
    to Atlanta for
    Jamal Crawford/Mike Bibby/Mo Evans/2011 1st/2013 1st

    Both teams stay under the luxury tax threshold this year, Crawford and Evans are expiring, Bibby only 1 year left, dumps Frye’s contract (4 years) because he likely doesn’t fit new Suns and gets 2 picks to help rebuild. Nash and Hill get to make run next to Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Al Horford (all of whom benefit from Nash’s playmaking). Hawks join Heat, Celtics, and Magic as a legitimate team to talk about for the next 2 years and Nash will help put butts in seats which helps make the business case for giving up 2 picks for a 37 old PG.

  15. I appreciate the Rockets love!

  16. I feel like today you guys dropped to much of the same knowledge you did last night on Twitter. I’m sure most of the viewers follow you guys, and heard the same things in this video as you tweeted last night. Usually it’s no big deal because you both expand on your ideas which is awesome, I just feel I didn’t learn anything from this episode that I didn’t on my timeline last night.

    You know it’s not hate, I love you guys.

  17. Cavs are gunnin for top draft pick. I wish the Raptors could say the same. Instead our poor team strives for 9th, 10th or even possssibly 8th… every single season.

  18. I guess it was a crazy night last night, but I also thought it sucked. I’m flipping around the league pass, and it seems like I’ve either got blowouts or matchups I don’t care to watch. Not sure why……just felt like a big time letdown night. Although, to hear you guys describe it, I guess it was very odd.

    Best TBJ moment ever was the episode the night after game 2 of the 2008 Celtics/Lakers finals (the night after Leon Powe went off, the Cs crushed the Lakers, and Phil Jackson misprounounced “Powe”.). Discussion of going to the Blue Jays game, Kraft burgers, and then a huge, huge rant by Skeets about the officiating in the game. Discussing how hard it already is to defend the NBA in Canada, and then the officiating makes it harder. All along the rant, Tas repeating “there’s no conspiracy in this league”.

    I guess I should call with that. But, I just wanted to get it out there ASAP. If there’s ever a chance to get that episode up again, I’d love it.

    Second best ever was from the same season. Day after Cs beat the Rockets to sweep Texas (March ’08). Glen Taylor had talked shit about KG. You guys went off about him (Tas let out a big “motherfucker”). On top of that, in the headlines you had “Vince Carter sat out the game with a sprained vagina”.

    Sorry, I don’t have episode numbers. I’ll try to figure out a way to get all of that into a short voicemail.

  19. A Yinka Dare reference? Pick on someone who’s still alive, at least!

    PS Got the TBJ t-shirt, looks great! Will wear it next time I’m at the game, you guys are often in my row but I haven’t outed myself as a fan in person as yet. :)

  20. Swear words make this blog sound so much cooler.

  21. Skeets, don’t know if you guys really hate the Blazers or not, but you guys are definitely right about Blazer fans being such soccer moms. Sheesh.

  22. Man, that Jazz bear should utilize Skeets for his swear Jar. Then he’d be able to afford a new house in addition to his car courtesy of Jerry Sloan.

  23. Vimeo: Yeah, go to YouTube, my non-PC devices are more fond of it.

    Drunk shows: Dont let that slip by trying to be pro. I didnt harm Artest. I dont want this show to become another passive aggressive puzzle piece of planet misery. Like the Russillo-Schmuck or the random cubicle guy: “Im the best; you know sh*t; I hate my job; my wifes a whore; etc”. No thanks.

  24. These comments were full of fucking win today. Great job, team.

    /flips Jazz mascot a loonie

  25. Fun Reggie Miller stat- he’s actually the Pacers all time assists leader. 3 a game for his 18 year career, finishing with 4141 assists.

  26. Definitely pronounced Yin-ka — as in Kingda Ka

  27. In regards to Tas’ stat about his assists, I think you need to look at his stats as a starter, because being a reserve tends to warp your stats a bit. He’s had 12 starts this season and here are the per game averages:

    37 minute, 20.4 ppg, 2.9 rpg, 1.8 apg, 45.9 FG%, 47.4 3P%, 88.2 FT%

    So it’s really 1.8 assist per game. Impressive? Shit no, but it’s better than inching towards 1. I mean I like him, and I’m glad the Wizards finally traded Gil to allow him some playing time. He’s finding a bit more stability, I mean now his bad games are only like 1 out of every 4 as opposed to literally every other night. Watching him just reminds me of Ray Allen-Lite, but with an afro, which we all know is a significant improvement. I think this young Wizards team is going to be amazing in a few years, but it comes down to consistency with all of them. The only one who is consistent is Blatche and, after reading Trey Kerby’s post about him admitting he’s soft, I don’t even know if that’s a good thing. How do you guys feel about this team? And between all of these young developing teams (Clips, T’wolves, Wizards, Bucks), which do you like the most?

  28. Everyone knows cool kids use per 36 minute stats, not raw per game stats.

  29. Landry Fields has a game similar to a Veteran John Starks. He hits dagger 3′s, plays decent D on good players, has suprisingly quick hops and hits the offensive glass hard. Not prone to the highlight reel, Fileds, like Starks has a sense of the limelight in MSG.

    I could also never imagine Landry Fields shooting 3 – 17 in game 7 of the NBA finals, I’m pretty sure he would stop shooting after 10 misses.

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