Yep, Derrick Rose is good at slam dunking.

Yep, Carlos Boozer is scoring pretty well — 20 points a game — since returning from injury.

Yep, Joakim Noah is sitting out, having missed the last 13 games following hand surgery.

Yep, Keith Bogans is adept at turning over the ball. A lot.

Very accurate poster, Chicago Tribune. Thanks for reminding everyone that Keith Bogans has started every game for the Bulls despite, well, being worthy of the caption “LOSES THE BALL!” Thank you for that.

(via Blog-a-Bull)

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  1. For the love of all that is pure…

    why the fuck does Bogans still start? Thibs is a mad man

  2. [...] solve the Keith Bogans conundrum — which got so bad, by the way, that a local newspaper did a full-page joke about how bad Bogans is offensively — it would also probably result in Obama leading the [...]

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