Somewhat lost in all of the hullabaloo that comes with the Cavaliers losing a game by 55 points is the fact that the Phoenix Suns lost a game by 34 points. Even worse, as we mentioned this morning, Phoenix had a 12-point lead after the first quarter, meaning they lost the last three quarters by 46 points, which is a way worse points lost per quarter — not a real stat, by the way — than the Cavaliers (15.3 to 13.8). ‘Twas truly a beatdown.

A beatdown so bad, in fact, that the Suns’ president of basketball operations, Lon Babby, is apologizing to the fans for his team’s lackluster performance. That’s bad, you guys. From the Arizona Republic:

“I apologize on behalf of our team for that game last night,” [Lon] Babby told KTAR’s “Doug & Wolf.”

Babby, as he often does, had traveled with the team to Tuesday’s 132-98 humiliation at Denver.

“It’s one thing to lose,” Babby told KTAR.” “it’s another thing not to compete. And that’s the part of this that I’m having a hard time fathoming and will not accept and our franchise will not accept it and our ownership will not accept it and our community should not accept it.

“There’s no way that anybody can tell me from a talent standpoint that should happen. There’s a chemistry issue, I suppose. We’ve got to dig ourselves out of this by competing.”

Ouch. When one of the highest-ranking team officials is calling out the team for getting slaughtered, that’s not a good sign. When he’s saying that the franchise, owners and community should be ashamed of the team, that’s an even worse time. And probably not the best way to inspire the players, if we’re being honest.

Yeah, they’re probably already embarrassed to have been beaten so badly. But having their boss publicly call them out — and then recruit everyone who could possibly be rooting for the success to do the same — is another level of bad. If those guys don’t have your back, who does?

Then again, he has to say something. Babby can’t just be like, “Oh well, tough loss. We’ll get the next one.” Not if he wants the fans to stick with the Suns. Kind of wack that he completely shirks responsibility — since he helped put the team together, his “there’s no way that anybody can tell me from a talent standpoint that should happen,” is a pretty big sign that he’s not taking the blame — but in this situation, the guy knows that Suns backers are going to be looking at the players rather than the executives. Give the people what they want, I guess.

Nonetheless, this is probably a very bad thing for the Suns. Not only are they slumping, not only did they just lose a game by 34 and not only does everyone want Steve Nash to be traded, the team’s bosses are now openly bashing the team. Not good.