Last night, the Cavaliers got beat in historic fashion. Literally. The 57 points the Cavs scored was the lowest the Lakers have allowed in the shot clock era, and the 55-point margin of victory was the third-largest in Lakers franchise history. Antawn Jamison said it was “rock bottom” and “definitely by far one of the most embarrassing moments that I’ve been a part of as far as basketball.” Coming from a guy that played on a 19-win Washington Wizards team and 19-win Golden State Warriors team, that’s really saying something.

But that’s not all that was said. In fact, there are two quotes that perfectly encapsulate the destruction that happened in Staples Center last night. It’s hard to choose which is worse, but that’s why we have crowdsourcing. The first comes from Phil Jackson, courtesy of Kevin Ding at the Orange County Register.

Phil Jackson acknowledged pregame he had never heard of some of the Cavaliers’ players.

Yikes. There are a billion Cavaliers injuries keeping their more noteworthy players out of the lineup, but still. No offense to guys like Manny Harris, Christian Eyenga and Samardo Samuels, but Phil Jackson — only the most successful professional basketball coach of all-time — doesn’t even know who you are. Which probably means the scouting for this game wasn’t terribly in-depth. Which means the Lakers barely scouted and still won by 55. Which means, of course, yikes.

The second quote that’s up for consideration comes from Steve Blake’s wife Kristen, who tweeted this little gem of sympathy during last night’s game.

I feel bad for the Cavs. :( It feels terrible to be down by this much! I want to hug them.

Oh, man. That’s bad. When the opposing team’s significant others are publicly offering hugs and frowny face emoticons, you know things have gotten out of hand. Maybe I’m not up to snuff on NBA WAG culture, but I can’t imagine they go around hugging the other team’s players when they get beat. I’d surmise that it takes a serious whooping to garner a hug, not to mention a sad face.

So which is it? Which is a worse summation of the Lakers beating the Cavaliers by 55 points? Is it Phil Jackson admitting he doesn’t even know who plays for Cleveland? Or is it Steve Blake’s wife wanting to hug them because she feels so bad that her husband’s team won by so much? Let us know down below.