Ep. 644: Mean Muggin’

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas set up shop in the TBJ office to talk about last night’s streak-busting games. Did the Heat have this loss coming? Was this Blake Griffin’s true coming out party? And did Emeka Okafor finally keep up with Dwight Howard in the Hornets’ OT win? All that, plus a deep look into the soul of the Raptors, centers that could play the point, and athletic wingmen that could play the post. Enjoy this Annual General shit show.


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Comments (30)

  1. This show should be on the 5 year anniv.

  2. could we get a compilation of matty-o’s laughter segments for the 5-year anniversary?

  3. Andrei Kirilenko, not a ‘big big’ by any stretch, came into the league as a PF; and had his best seasons as one (even got an All-Star nod once). Furthermore, his shooting ability definitely shows that he’s not really a wing by that measure, either. In the playoffs against the Golden State Warriors (Baron Davis, Monta Ellis) he had to play point guard because: Deron Williams got in foul trouble, Derek Fisher was in NY for his daughter’s surgery, and Dee Brown sustained a rough looking neck injury during the game.

    If you watch his international games, sometimes his coaches play him at point during regular games because he has the length, footwork, and instincts to shut down penetration, shots, and minimizes passing angles. A lot of the guys Skeets and Tas mentioned would be okay at dribbling and running the offense though (which Andrei actually had to do), but how many of them can d up on point guards. Andrei can and has.

  4. No Jazz Knicks or Lakers Golden State talk?

  5. That ending was the greatest ever! Jajajajaja…

  6. I watched blake in college and it really is no suprise how dominant he is in the L. Dude was doing the same things in college, but also hitting a 15 footer!!!

  7. C’mon Tas, use a coaster…smh

  8. As for Point Centers and vice versa…

    Rudy Gay, Wilson Chandler, Danny Granger, Donte Greene, Al Harrington, Tayshaun Prince – Could all play the 5 if needed

    Lamar Odom, Austin Daye, Nene, Amare, Josh Smith – All have decent handles for bigs

  9. Nic batum center , Diaw point guard = French school

  10. We need one of those inspirational posters with Blake chewing on his mouthguard, staring into Chalmers’ soul. You could even put in the fancy cursive writing underneath it: “This is my fucking league. Who the hell are you, Mario Chalmers?”

  11. Could you guys not talk about the Raptors for half the video? thanks

  12. I think Dante Cunningham could run the point if he needed too. Actually Kevin Love could do a decent job as well. Point guards at the 5 would be a way different list than SG at the 5…point guards who could bang…Chauncey Billups, Deron Williams. I think that’s it for PGs who could do it. SG…a lot could bang at the 5. Winner of the “I can play any position” would definitely be Lamar Odom.

  13. I’d probably add David Lee to that group as well

  14. Just wanted to say that Matty-o’s laugh is effin’ hallarious.

  15. Could you guys talk about the Raptors for the whole video? thanks

  16. “my dick is bigger than yours” posturing is getting so old and leads where?
    Play ball and leave that shit for the streets or wwf .

  17. Look at JD at the end ROFL (peek-a-boo). And who the fuck was that hyena from Lion King?!

  18. Missing a major one for bigs running the point. Dirk Norisky.
    Dude has the best handles in the league for anyone over 7

  19. the clips could still make the playoffs if they win about 70% of their remaining games. they have one 7 of their last 10 so possible but improbable. still we can dream.

  20. When talking about playing different positions your talking about freak players. The all time best player to play multiple positions would be Magic Johnson. He started 1980 NBA Finals Game 6 at center and recorded 42 points 15 rebounds and 7 assists.

  21. This set up brings back memories, loved the laid back feel of it though. You two should be drinking beer every episode, represent Canada – fuck dem coffee mugs.

  22. My day just isn’t the same without Matty-O’s hyena giggle. Thanks Matt =D. He should totally not go write a book and read it to himself.

    Also, 2nd vote for David Lee as PG. Surprised he wasn’t mentioned in the show because he and Odom are clearly the best 4-5 spot ball handlers in the game.

  23. Were you guys drunk?

    Maybe you should have been.

    Paul Millsap can handle the ball for a big guy, can’t he? Shawn Marion could probably play the C.

  24. Hey Guys,

    Love the show. Just wanted to let Tas know that I feel his pain when it comes to those loner phones. They’re pure garbage. I work for Fido so I know first hand.

    Here’s how you turn it to silent mode:.
    Go to the menu by pressing the center square, go down to the wrench (thats the “setting” tab), scroll all the way down to “profiles” & then select “silent”. You can always change it back to “normal” or “outdoors” through that.

    Hope that helps buddy,

    Keep up the phenomenal job,


  25. Hey Tas, when it rings, pres the volume buttons, ot silences the ring ;)))

  26. Just wait and see, guys. In Trey-Kerby-type stat calculation, winning 8 of 11 and having in mind the current stat and remaining games to be played, the Clippers are on track for a 52W/30L season! I know this sounds ludicrous now but it kinda makes me think about a certain rookie in LA that came out and led the Lakers to a title a couple of decades back :)

    Besides what did you expect out of Baron Davis, being an allstar calliber player on a shitty team?! Of course he is gonna gain weight, and not want to play. C’mon, it is like hating on Arenas for not having the mentality to play hard with the Wizards. What for? It helps BD that he has a player like Blake beside him, someone that get’s him thinking “Hey, we could actually be a factor here”.

  27. Tas, or just long-press the # symbol, that usually muted old phones, or rather set the in vibrate mode…

    The quote at the end should have been …. And remember, “This is my fucking league. Who the hell are you, Mario Chalmers?”

  28. I’m kinda shocked Tas didn’t say Roy Hibbert for best center to play point. But I’d go with another Big from Georgetown and say that rookie center Greg Monroe would be the best center to play point.

    And as for best swingman to play center, I’ll go with Ron-Ron. He’s 6’7, 260 and surprisingly stronger than you’d guess at that size. Also he’s a hell of a defender so I’ll say he fits pretty well there, especially since centers aren’t expected to shoot either. BOOM.

  29. One of the funniest moments I remember from TBJ was from early this year (although I can’t remember which episode) during the opening stretch were Tas’ quotes didn’t make any sense whatsoever and I remember Skeets yelling “YOU’RE NOT EVEN TRYING ANYMORE!” and I laughed. A lot.

  30. Demarcus Cousins has a real nice handle for a big man. Great hands. And, I assume it will only get better as he gets more comfortable.

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