An NBA championship ring is a symbol for an entire season of hard work and the ring ceremonies are reminders of how many men needed to take a team to the top. No team knows this better than the Lakers, whose 2009-10 championship ring is adorned with three carats worth of franchise history and facts. Even if you’re not a fan of the Lake Show, the rings and the melee they created at Staples Center were a sight to behold. But unless you were the lucky guy who won Ron Artest’s ring raffle, you’re probably ringless.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own version of NBA history. Yes, you can buy your own piece of Lakers history for only $8.99 on eBay! Straight from China comes this ridiculous replica version of the 2009-2010 Lakers championship ring. It only comes in size 10 (sorry, ladies), but from a distance it’s not a terrible copy of the ring that RonRon let get away.

Detail wise, the “diamonds” are glass and the ring itself is made of brass alloy instead of gold. There are sixteen “diamonds” around the Lakers basketball, representing the sixteen franchise titles, just like on the real thing. However, there is no 3D bust of a player on the side — replaced by some squiggly lines — and there’s no piece of the game seven ball inside the ring. But the few details that are there are statistically accurate and it won’t cost you $500,000 or a criminal charge for breaking and entering into Phil Jackson’s house. Plus, everything on the ring is spelled correctly. Bonus.

I can’t recommend wearing the ring every day as piece of jewelry, not just because jewelry on men can look awkward but because this thing is the size of a small paperweight. That being said, think of the possibilities of using it for a costume or prank piece. You could dress up as Kobe, wearing a ring on each finger, and go to a Heat game screaming “I’m the champ!” while smacking around fans in LeBron James jerseys. Or you could just mail one to LeBron as a belated birthday gift. We all know he doesn’t have his own yet.

There are so many things to do with a fake championship ring. The options, my fellow basketball nerds, are endless. So get your own on eBay. When you do, please send us a picture. Certain things are just too audacious and outlandish to keep secret.