Kathy cooks eggs, serves eggs and sings songs about sports, including this little ditty composed entirely of Nate Robinson’s tweets. Pretty good gig, if you can get it. Pretty nice voice, too. Very Jewel-y, minus the yodeling. Be-Jewel-ed, if you will. (You won’t. You shouldn’t.)

Nonetheless, I think we can agree on two things here: 1) This is the second best singing of someone’s tweets to happen in 2011; 2) Kathy really messed up by skipping over the “#WordAapp” hashtag. That really would have taken things to another level. Groban’s level, if you can even imagine that.

(via Celtics Hub)

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  1. nothing compares to the kanye tweets/groban segment…still o fresh in my mind to apprciate that she actally made a song with them.. f twiiter 2010 sucked

  2. she looks like the chick ho did the Chris Bosh stay in toronto song

  3. Oh, snap — she is the same girl: http://www.youtube.com/user/KJ02041980

    Good catch.

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