Wha’ Happened?: Big things

Indiana Pacers 102, Dallas Mavericks 89
Jeff Foster is now 0-1 on threes this season. (He is still 1-1 on punchable faces.) His last made three-pointer was in December of 2008. Not sure why I’m mentioning this, but I just thought you needed to know. Also, the Pacers are the seventh best defensive team in the league and are currently the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. Numerology would have something very interesting to say about that, I’m sure.

Atlanta Hawks 104, Toronto Raptors 101
Quoth Jamal Crawford, he of the season-high 36 points last night: “It was the longest day in the world yesterday. It felt like we played a game, then left after the game and flew in on a back-to-back.” Funny thing is, the Hawks were supposed to play a back-to-back but couldn’t, because of a snow storm. So I guess it was more like a normal day, plus snow.

Charlotte Bobcats 96, Chicago Bulls 91
Kwame Brown scored 10 points in the first quarter and that’s pretty much when this game was over. Sure, it ended up being just a 5-point win for the Bobcats, but when Kwame Brown goes off like that, you knew it wasn’t the Bulls’ night.

Boston Celtics 119, Sacramento Kings 95
Let’s see, Boston with fresh legs after no game on Tuesday night against a Sacramento team on the second night of a back-to-back after playing an overtime game the night before? Yep, a 24-point Celtics win sounds about right.

Memphis Grizzlies 107, Detroit Pistons 99
If you were guessing the league leaders in 30 point/15 rebound games this season, you might not put Zach Randolph near the top of that list. But after last night’s 34 and 17, he’s second this year with four, trailing only Kevin Love’s six. Nice.

San Antonio Spurs 91, Milwaukee Bucks 84
17 points in the second half for Matt Bonner, exactly the same as the Bucks’ leading scorer, John Salmons. Not that Matt Bonner isn’t entirely capable of putting up points in a hurry, but if he’s scoring as much in a half as the other team’s leader scores in the entire game, then the Spurs are probably sitting pretty.

New Orleans Hornets 92, Orlando Magic 89 OT
Dwight Howard, who missed two free throws that would have given the Magic the lead with 11 seconds remaining, said, “You can’t just look at it as the (missed) free throws lost the game.” I suppose that is true, but you can also kinda look at as the missed free throws lost the game. Some other stuff too, for sure, but the missed free throws certainly didn’t help.

Oklahoma City Thunder 118, Houston Rockets 112
The Thunder missed seven free throws last night, with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook missing five of those. Either the team is coming back down to Earth percentage-wise or they’re going to make 100 of their next 100.

Phoenix Suns 118, New Jersey Nets 109 OT
Congratulations to the Phoenix Suns for overcoming a 15-point fourth quarter deficit to beat the New Jersey Nets in overtime at home. Way to go.

Utah Jazz 135, New York Knicks 129
Shawne Williams led both teams in scoring with 25 points. Wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years. Then again, I wouldn’t have guessed he’d make five straight threes in a single quarter, so what do I know?

Los Angeles Lakers 115, Golden State Warriors 110
Kobe Bryant scored 17 points in the last six minutes of this game. Classic case of him trying to one-up Matt Bonner, who Kobe is always comparing himself to.

Los Angeles Clippers 111, Miami Heat 105
Who would have guessed that the Clippers would be the team that ended any hope the Heat had of breaking the Bulls’ record? And who would have guessed it would be the Clippers to finally snap the Heat’s road winning streak? And who would have guessed that LeBron James’ ankle tweak wasn’t serious enough to keep him from hitting a step-back three on the very next play? OK, so anyone could suss out the last one, but the other two are still kind of amazing.