From the people who brought you Jason Kidd dancing to the Talking Heads comes their masterpiece: Rick Carlisle-rolling. Just as insidious as your standard Rickroll, only with the added benefit of Rodrique Beaubois, J.J. Barea and a guy that looks like an older Jim Carrey. So basically — upgrade.

The Mavs’ entertainment people stay winning. This actually will play in the stadium, during games. Amazing.

(via The Two Man Game)

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  1. I never thought I’d see Roddy B dancing to Rick Astley. Dreams do come true.

  2. The Mavs might not win the title, but who cares? They are having the most fun.
    These guys are great. They also did that Dirk Nowitzki one with Kanye’s song, Power.

  3. Wow, Rick Carlisle. So how’s he feel about this? He’s never struck me as all that happy but he’s got the rubber face going on.

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