Minnesota Timberwolves 109, Washington Wizards 97
Does this prove that the Western Conference is still stronger than the Eastern Conference? Or does it prove that the Timberwolves are less bad at home than the Wizards are on the road? Or does it not prove anything because there is no spoon? You decide.

Oklahoma City Thunder 125, Orlando Magic 124
39 and 18 for Dwight Howard, 36 points on 17 shots for Kevin Durant, 32 points and a triple-double for Russell Westbrook, four threes for J.J. Redick, crazy shots falling for Jeff Green — basically everything that you would expect to happen in this game, happened in this game. Good win for the Thundies.

Denver Nuggets 130, Miami Heat 102
If LeBron James truly believed in karma and that God sees everything, he might find some humor in the fact that his team has lost the two games they’ve played since he sent that tweet, including one — this one, specifically — that he missed with injury. But he doesn’t, so nevermind.

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  1. Nice dig at LBJ and totally justified too :p

  2. Chris Bosh should have given LBJ some advice about twitter and what happens when you tweet about your life in the NBA. Oh wait, I forgot LBJ didn’t tweet that—nevermind.

    On a positive note, Russell Westbrook is a monster! He’s even cut down on the turnovers and has racked up his assist total over the last 5 games. This kid’s ceiling is so high right now, I can only expect him to get better with age.

  3. Kinda Keanuesque.

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