Have you ever played that word association game where somebody names an NBA player and you say the first word that comes to your mind? Here’s what immediately comes to my mind for a few players. Michael Jordan: Greatness. Kobe Bryant: Warrior. Tim Duncan: Fundamental.

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think of Chris Bosh? If Google Autocomplete (Google’s algorithm that offers searches that might be similar to the one you’re typing) is any indication, there’s a good chance that word is “soft” — particularly after he complained about Bulls center Omer Asik injuring Bosh’s ankle when Asik dove for a loose ball Saturday night. When you type “Chris Bosh is” into Google’s search box, “soft” is the first suggestion that appears. Amazingly, the other nine Google suggestions are arguably even less flattering.

That’s the worst Google Autocomplete result I’ve ever seen for an NBA player. Most other players have at least one complimentary suggestion, but it would appear that almost nobody has love for Miami’s third wheel. Don’t be surprised if you ever catch Bosh singing this little ditty glumly to himself.