On today’s show, Skeets and Tas scour the league to bring you the winners and losers of the weekend. Trending this Monday: Chris Bosh establishes himself as a frontrunner for “Pussy of the Year,” the Lakers/Clippers brouhaha, lil’ Will Bynum saves the day, Zach Randolph plays Santa Claus, and the Mavs carelessly rush Dirk back. All that, plus the return of KG, awkward Bob De Niro’s jokes and Tas reminds you that Josh Howard exists.


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Comments (31)

  1. clips didn’t beat the magic, but they did beat the spurs.
    and they are must watch tv now because they’re better than their record. since starting 1-13, they are 13-12, and 9-4 in their last 13. they’ve been exciting all along, and have been improving and winning games now.

  2. Brian McKnight – Hold Me ft. Kobe Bryant


    Kobe at 2:40 ….ouch….

    And Blake_G is reminding me WAY too much of our own VC back in the day. He’s on all the highlights, playing on a not-so-good team, already had leg problems, backs away from fights…and might even win the Dunk Championship!

    It will be interesting to watch how his career plays out vs VC’s.

  3. Great props to Zach. For how much shit he gets from the media establishment (simmons in particular) for being a head-case/cancer, he does tons of community work around his hometown of Marion, Indiana. Every year since he’s been in the league he has done thanksgiving turkey giveaways back home. Hopefully he’ll get more all-star consideration again this year.

  4. Also, I think Blake’s effort on that rebound in the last 6 seconds is a contrast to Chris Bosh’s pussiness.

    Blake, on the scuffle: “There’s never a situation when I’m not going to go to the glass. I think of all people [Odom] would know that…I would expect the same thing from anybody else. I don’t care if we’re up. If the ball comes off, I get the rebound and it seals the game.”

    When you talk about the NBA’s bad rap for not trying, point to Griffin as the man who is 100% effort all the time. Part of why the Clips are fun to watch.

  5. No Jose Calderon love for Whoa Boy? (from Saturday)

  6. episode 646 audio podcast? no post yet…10:45a mst

  7. @ David W.– We’re having technical issues with iTunes, but we’re working on it. It’ll hopefully be up ASAP.



  8. Of course Baron Davis is in the game now – he actually has a team around him, a group of guys that know how to play, give it their all, and leave it on the floor every night :))

  9. Cool. Thanks Matt, I appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

  10. @ Daniel you made the point i wanted to make about blake, you gotta respect players like that. As a Laker fan i’m disappointed in Lamar for whining about the other team already being up by 9.

  11. Plus the poor start was just due to the fact that these guys didn’t believe that they could actually do something… And once Blake’s intensity infected the whole team – you see the results :))

  12. Hey Matt, you’re not writing a letter – you don’t have to sign your name. It’s like you’re a 60-year-old using Facebook for the first time.

  13. I, like others, saw that the LAC/LAL tussle was the fault of Odom. It’s funny how Laker fans (in the media) don’t see it that way:


  14. What’s up with the lighting guys? You both look like you fell asleep in a sun bed.

  15. Hmm.. Why do presenters keep calling Eric Gordon [EJ] and not [EG]?!

  16. What do you guys think is going to happen when the NBA becomes a balance game. Where you can never tell who is going to go to the playoff and win the championship. Do you think the NBA will allow a team like Bucks, Raptors, Jazz every to win a champsionship. Good pod cast exactly great one.

  17. @Stefan- Full name is Eric Gordon Jr. He went by EJ (Eric Jr.) growing up.

  18. Bosh comments drove me nuts. I was excited for that game, I recorded it so I could watch it after the football games, and it totally delivered in terms of excitement. And then I had to read that bullshit afterwards.

    At the time it happened, I saw Bosh drop that huge F bomb and slap hands with Asik, and I was like “alright, I like that, he’s recognizing that the guys going hard”, so I was extra pissed when I read that he said that stuff.

    Obviously the comments are totally off base. But, on top of that, slapping hands and acting like it’s fine during the game and then running to the king coddler Windhorst in the lockerroom after and complaining is ridiculous. Pussy of the year for sure.

    Give me a guy who is a dick on the court but plays his ass off any day of the week (KG).

    Also, Carmelo has the right to do what he wants….but it’s frustrating to see them all play so well Thursday, and think about what could have been if he hadn’t been pushing this agenda all week. The Nuggets shouldn’t be catering to him so much. He’s partially bluffing if he says he won’t go to New Jersey. There is NO WAY he leaves that money on the table with a potential lockout on the horizon.

  19. Sorry, I meant what could have been if he hadn’t been pushing this agenda all year.

  20. Thanx Daniel :) Could have looked it up before brainfarting… hah

  21. I miss the old Book Off Pay Off. The viewers get to see the lines and you guys don’t forget to make your picks. Works for everyone.

  22. I’m with Chris. It seems like you could do it the old way, and still do the Score contest for the weekend games. I always liked hearing you guys each have a take on one of the games for that night.

  23. I’m with Chris. It seems like you could do it the old way, and still do the Score contest for the weekend games (those wouldn’t conflict at all, pick one on the fix monday-thursday……then do the contest for friday-sunday). I always liked hearing you guys each have a take on one of the games for that night.

  24. I’m with Chris and double-Nick L. Make you BOPO’s on weekday games (Monday night to Thursday night) and keep the Score separate – or have a BOPO for that by itself. I enjoyed the daily JE Nash and Tasdo Melkoglu status update.

    Enjoying the Score set, but any chance we could have a retro ‘ BJ in the condo’ show in the future? Even just as a one off.

  25. Fellas!

    The clippers beat the lakers, lost to the warriors and the. Beat the heat.

    And really? Cmon now I know there terrible but that game was a relatively big deal in my humble opinion.

    Lo bosh

  26. I’m with Chris, double-Nick L. and sarpin. If you are going to maintain the new Book-off Pay-off system, you need to at least tweak it. How about mentioning your weekend scores? Kind of how you did in the old days. And if somebody forgets to make their picks, just skip that week! That way, it’ll remain interesting throughout the month.

  27. maybe you guys should do a best 3 of 4 for your bball picks to afford some leeway if one of you misses a week.

  28. The NBA/rapper chain of command.

    Lou Williams > Marquis Daniels > Dana Barros > Shaquille O’Neal > Carlos Arroyo> Tony Parker> Kobe Bryant.


  29. Rashard Lewis is playing solid ball in Washington – 55.5% effective field goal percentage, 7.4 boards per 36 minutes (which would be a career high for him as a starter), 3.4 assists per 36 minutes (another career high) and he’s playing his usual, steady D.

    Right now, you’d have to say the Wizards made out like bandits from that deal because Arenas is still rubbish.

  30. Is Whoa Boy for the previous night only? I ask because Al Horford filled out the stat sheet Saturday night:

    24 points (11-16 FG, 2-2 FT)
    10 rebounds
    8 assists
    1 steal
    0 turnovers
    1 foul in 44:46 minutes

  31. I’m with Chris, double-Nick L., sarpin, and Jules. Changes must be made. :)

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