On Saturday night, the Miami Heat fell to the Chicago Bulls, 99-96. It was their third loss in a row, their second game without LeBron James and the first this season without Chris Bosh available, as he spent the fourth quarter in the locker room nursing a freshly sprained ankle.

Okay, so tough loss, but no big deal, right?

Wrong. Bosh wasn’t happy with the play where he injured his ankle. Particularly, he was displeased by the decision of Bulls’ rookie Omer Asik to dive for a loose ball and try to grant his team another possession. The replay of the injury clearly shows Asik diving towards the ball, his hip connecting with Bosh’s foot, causing him to roll his ankle.

It was an unfortunate collision and absolutely looked like it hurt. It was one that made you wince while watching and had Bosh dropping an F-bomb as he tried to walk it off. It was a play involving two guys trying to help their team win a basketball game. It was entirely innocent, a non-story and non-issue.

Unless you ask Bosh.

“C’mon, that is how guys get hurt, that is how serious injuries happen,” Bosh told ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “You’ve got to watch people’s legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job.”

A couple of things here, if I may: First, who wants to remind Bosh that he’s locked in to his completely guaranteed $109 million contract, and will have made more than $150 million in salary by the time he’s a free agent again at the age of 32? In comparison, Asik will make $1.7 million this season. When you’re getting paid that much money to play basketball, diving on the floor should be a no-brainer.

Bosh had more thoughts on the play.

“If [the ball] is by somebody’s leg, don’t dive for the ball, it’s too close,” he said.

Because in the split-second a player has to make the decision to dive for a loose ball, they’ve got time to stop and consider the ramifications of whether or not the ball could roll, or their body could collide with someone else, depending on the movement another player makes. I suppose, then, that Shaquille O’Neal should consider the well-being of his bench before diving for a loose ball and almost taking out his teammates. Or players like Dennis Rodman definitely should have thought twice before going after a loose ball and ending up in the crowd.

Rodman brings me to my second point: Not all NBAers are born with the natural athleticism and skill that Bosh possesses. There are only so many superstars. Rodman built a career out of his hustle and is almost synonymous with the word “rebound” years after his retirement. For the guys who were blessed with some height, passion for the game and lots of heart, they are able to provide for their families because of their hustle. Ask Raja Bell or Bo Outlaw about diving for loose balls. Hell, ask Charles Oakley if he’s ever thought about whether or not he should dive for a loose ball because an opponent is near it and he’ll look at you like you’re crazy.

After covering Bosh for two seasons here in Toronto, I can say without any hesitance that he is one of the nicest superstars you could ever hope to meet in the NBA. He’s a nice guy. Respectful. Pleasant.

I get that the guy is probably in pain and hurting, but come on. Accidents happen, injuries are a part of the deal and it sucks being unable to help your team gut out a win. I’m not trying to say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen (pun not intended), but rather, where did this come from?

We’ve seen Bosh get injured, banged up, bruised from contact. He missed the end of the season last year because of an accidental elbow to the face from Antawn Jamison that caused a broken nose because both players were going after a rebound. No complaints there. These comments don’t sound like something I would have heard him say last season. There’s just a sense of entitlement that rings out to me and I don’t like it. Not even a little bit.

Guys who make something out of nothing, who turn that passion into a career, who energize their teammates, inspire their home fans and leave every ounce of themselves onto the floor, whether its through blood, sweat or burn marks from sliding across the court — they are my favorite. This is probably why these comments irked me so much. To suggest that those players need to stop and think before doing anything would be to take away their best quality: self-sacrifice.

I’m not trying to rail on Bosh too much here, I’m just saying that once he calms down, he’ll likely realize how off-base his comments were. If not, maybe watching some tape of teammate, Heat captain, and hustle hero Udonis Haslem will open his eyes.

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  1. Goodness. First there was Cleveland and LBJ, now there is TBJ vs Bosh. Look folks, he left, deal with it and move on. A thousand articles and video shorts making fun of him is not going to bring him back.

    Spend time “trying” to promote your own raptors. Since Bosh left, you rarely talk about them….

  2. SFII: Do you really think Bosh is right to rip Asik for diving for a loose ball? This isn’t “making fun” of Bosh; this is legitimate criticism. He said something stupid and deserves to be called on it.

  3. Bosh is just part of the basketball era of players who are all about the money, babied by their nba teams and whine and complain about working hard and playing hard nose basketball.

    If he played during the bad boys era, he’d be out of the NBA by now. Suck it up Bosh. No wonder Shaq called you the Rupaul of Big Men.

  4. Another example of lack of desire. Some guys have it, some don’t. Not saying Bosh isn’t a superstar, but heart cannot be taught. You either have it or you do not. If you think before diving for a loose ball, you simply just don’t have the winning attitude. Guys dive on the floor because of instinct and guttiness. If you’re not the type of player who does that, then most likely you’re watching the another team win championships. Your point about his contract is dead on, why are these players so worried about taking care of their families? It’s not the NFL, their contracts here in the league are guaranteed. I’ll just never understand. I’ll take a team of 11 guys who hustle like Andres Nocioni and Dennis Rodman along with just one superstar every single time. Hustle and grit equal W’s simple as that.

  5. “There’s just a sense of entitlement that rings out to me…” you could’ve thrown in another little jab by putting rings in bold :)

  6. SFII: This ISN’T about TBJ vs Bosh or anything like this. You’re going to believe what Mr. Bosh said? Don’t dive for looseballs? What are we supposed to do when there’s a looseball in front of us? Stand there like idiots?

  7. @SFII reporting on this stuff and writing stories on it is their job and as a raptors fan and former bosh enthusiast, i want analysis on his recent stupidity.

    do u goto the acc when we play vince or t-mac and tell ppl to stop booing cuz its getting old?

  8. SFII – hilarious comments – apparently your grade 5 reading level doesn’t allow you to understand the point of the article which is guys stop hustling they loose there job and are not as fortunate as everyone else. The fact that bosh is complaining about them is mind boggling, if hustle players take the time to analyze what bosh thinks they should then they will find someone else replacing them and them finding a new job elsewhere. That split second is the difference between making $20M in your career or working for $50k / year.

    If anyone on the TBJ crew was to stick up for Bosh I’d put my money on Holly.

    As a Raps fan I’m happy that Bosh is gone, he wasn’t a franchise player and in a league with a cap system its not feasible to pay him #1 money when he isn’t deserving. Glad he will be the one play 65 games for the Heat instead of leading the Raps no where for another 7 years.

  9. Please continue to mock the big 3. There is nothing more enjoyable than reading about LBJ and Bosh being whiny little babies.

  10. Not sure why salary is playing a role in this conversation…just jealousy. Stephen, your comment, like your mom, is just tired.

  11. Arenas lost the best years of his career due to reckless play causing an accident

    Kobe has messed up Bynums knee twice by accident

    Is a legitemate concern but Bosh probably overreacted

  12. @SFII – First: I also cover the Raptors daily when they are in Toronto for The Score.com’s Raptorblog, so I talk/write about them plenty. Second: when you’ve got over 150 million dollars in the bank (or, locked in from a contract), comments like “trying to provide for my family” don’t really fly. Just ask Sprewell.

  13. @SFII you don’t get it… I was a Bosh fan back in the day, and I wasn’t mad at him when he left the Raptors. He has a way bigger chance for a ring in South Beach. But when you criticize another player for diving for the ball (something that Bosh used to do in T. Dot), it shows how much of a prima donna Bosh has turned into. Earlier this year, he complained about their coach ot allowing them to “Chill” in practice… WTF? Bosh is even softer than I thought!! Holly covered everything. Your comments, like your Mom, just got gangbanged.

  14. “pend time “trying” to promote your own raptors. Since Bosh left, you rarely talk about them”

    It’s called The BASKETBALL Jones, not The Raptors Jones

  15. SFII: Look around online, its not really Raptors fans that are ripping into him for these wimpy comments; its mainly the Bulls & Knicks fans.

    Regardless of whether Bosh or Wade or Amar’e or Melo said it, its a really, really weak-willed comment from someone who has already been labeled as soft by, well, everyone.

  16. Stop the whinning BOSH and play the game. The only true superstar on the MIAMI HEAT is FLASH (DWAYNE WADE ) he does not whine he just plays the game and plays it well.So put your wet towel away BOSH and play the game.

  17. Bosh was shooting 7-11 in the third quarter and got the Heat within two points of the Bulls. You’re telling me, that if you’re working your ass of on the court to get your team back in the game and the opposing player jumps on your leg to get the ball, you wouldnt be upset? That’s BS…Bosh has a right to voice his opinion. Raptor fans, he’s gone and never coming back!!!!

  18. The irony of it all is…. if Bosh himself dove for the ball instead of bending over at the waist to get that ball, Omer never would have had the opportunity to collide with his leg; they would’ve both collided into each other on the floor.

  19. @oneflip, he has a right to be mad about getting hurt, but not at the person who hit his leg on accident while playing harder than Bosh has ever played. It sounds to me like Bosh believes no one should hustle because he doesn’t.

    SFII just doesn’t get it, so I’m not going to even bother trying to explain it to him. Not worth my time.

    And that providing for our families line was just hilarious. What an ass.

  20. well said, the key word is entitlement, the heat think and act as if they are a lock to win the next 6 titles and no one should try to stop them. its sad how bad bosh has looked in the media/public eye since joining the Heat.

  21. I’m not one of those internet haters that get pissed at anything an NBA player says and assumes the fact they make a ton of money is reason enough to never complain about anything ever again, but…

    It’s pretty offensive when any NBA player talks about “providing for his family” or “putting food on the table.” One year’s salary would be enough to “provide for your family” for the rest of their lives with a middle class lifestyle. And multiple years of pulling in tens of millions is enough to provide for them for multiple lifetimes even with a upper-class lifestyle, as long as you don’t blow your money on unnecessary luxuries. These guys have accountants, and their families are well WELL taken care of.

    Show some respect to the rest of humanity and stop talking about “providing for your family” like it’s still an issue.

  22. chris bosh shoulda played harder like lebron did when his crazy bitch was yelling at him.

  23. It is getting harder and harder to respect Bosh at all….. I have never been a fan but everytime the guy opens his mouth, it is just pure pansy BS…..

  24. oneflip:

    Look at the clip on youtube. When Asik had already dove for the ball, Bosh’s left leg was still behind him in the paint. Bosh’s leg than came into the path of Asik. It was simply an accident; no one’s fault.

    There’s no way in hell a player can predict and anticipate every possible trajectory of a players limbs before they proceed with a routine move

    Again, this isn’t something from Raptors fans; basketball fans everywhere are pouncing on Bosh’s weak comments.

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