Just so you guys know, Blake Griffin is a combination of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, LeBron James, Dominique Wilkins and Dwight Howard. No big deal.

That’s just three Hall of Famers, three future Hall of Famers, four MVPs, three Defensive Players of the Year and 57 combined All-Star appearances crammed in to a 21-year-old body that’s played 39 NBA games. Good comparisons, Mike Smith. Better yet, great comparisons. The best comparisons, really. Dude’s a regular Earl Bloom over here.

I’m guessing the outtakes reveal Blake has the mind of Enrico Fermi, the singing voice of Luciano Pavarotti and the clever quips of 1978 Steve Martin. There’s nothing he can’t do.

(via Sebastian Pruiti)

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  1. His name is Mike Smith. And yes, there is nothing that Blake can’t do.

  2. Ha. Yes it is. I was thinking of my cousin.

  3. On a more serious note, you can have the aspects of a lot players without being better than a combination of those players. In terms of those individual categories, I see the comparisons they make, without making him better than any of those players. For example, I could say DeAndre Jordan has the height and length of Dwight Howard, vertical leap of Dominique, and charismatic smile and fun-ness of Magic Johnson, and while those may all be true, it’s clear he’s much worse than all of those players.
    But, alas, Trey can’t resist an opportunity to be sarcastic, so there’s no arguing this story. It was entertaining, for what it’s worth.

  4. I think he forgot the passing ability of Magic Johnson and the strange skin tone of Jason Kidd.

  5. Seriously, I can’t resist it. But also, the guy did say he passes like Larry Bird, which no.

  6. How come no said he had the free throw ability of Shaq?

  7. Lighten up, Daniel. We all know that Blake is very good, but the Clippers are obviously going too far in how they’re selling him. It’s goofy and it’s over the top, so it’s funny.

  8. I saw this live, and thought it was pretty funny…. I mean, the Clippers broadcasters haven’t really ever had much to get excited about…so I will give them a pass on going over the top here.

  9. @Trey — OK, so Larry Bird was taking it too far. But still, you get my point.
    @Nintendo_Jones– Obviously, any fans would be going gaga if they had Blake on their team, and even more so Clips will after all the years of nothingness. Give ‘em a little break. And I’m not upset, I enjoyed the story and found it funny. I’m just saying that the commentators are not the idiots they are made out to be, and they do make some valid points. But yes, Larry Bird is too far.

  10. I love blake but – huh?!

  11. Michael Smith was Adam Morrison with a crewcut. He was hyped as the second coming of Larry Bird and he wasn’t even the second coming of Larry Krystowiak. Even Fred Roberts thought he sucked.

  12. OK Trey, look what you did. Just like LeBron, you upset the Karma gods, and now Blake fulfills Mike Smith’s prophecies and then some, going for 47 and 14.
    We should probably add Bill Russell, Steve Nash and Bob Pettit to that video now.

  13. haha, yay. i’m glad he put up 47 pts today! go clips!

  14. Is saying someone has the basketball IQ of LeBron James really a compliment to their abilities? I didn’t realize LeBron was all that savvy a player. Talented as all get out, for sure, but IQ? Really?

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