Los Angeles Clippers 99, Los Angeles Lakers 92
The first reaction around the Kerby household after realizing what happened here was “Wow … Blake Griffin.” But that’s not even necessarily the truth. Sure he had 18 and 15, but he also missed 13 of his 20 shots, had as many turnovers as assists (3) and was just generally off most of the game. That the Clippers won without a great game from their biggest bro is pretty impressive. That Baron Davis is literally fighting for his teammates is even more so. Good on ya, Clippers.

San Antonio Spurs 110, Denver Nuggets 97
Gary Neal’s having a good season, especially for an undrafted 26-year-old rookie. He’s averaging almost 9 points a game, shooting nearly 40 percent from three and is fitting in like your typical Spurs role player. But against the Nuggets he’s even better. In three games this season, against the Nuggets Neal is averaging 14 points a game, shooting .529 from three and is averaging more rebounds and assists than his season averages. If I were guessing a reason why that’s the case, I’d suggest it’s because he wants to prove, once and for all, that he is not Gary Forbes.