Throughout his seven-year career, Dwight Howard has been an unstoppable force, as long as you don’t count free throws. In those seven years, he’s put up 17.8 points , 12.7 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game, and that’s including a rookie year that was nothing special. Plus, there’s the Defensive Player of the Year trophies, the All-Star Games, the All-NBA teams and the dunk contest championship. It’s been total league domination.

Except against the Celtics.

Against the green and white, Dwight’s numbers are down across the board. Points, rebounds, free throw shooting percentage, assists, blocks — everything is down. that’s been the case the past few years, and now the Celtics seem to be pretty happy to talk about how easily they defend Orlando’s big man.

First, here’s Kevin Garnett talking about how simple Dwight’s game is, courtesy of the Boston Globe:

The [Christmas day] loss left [the Celtics] equal parts bitter and petty, and afterward, the Celtics started picking apart Dwight Howard’s game.

“Spin lob,’’ he said. “Or jump hook.’’

Garnett called it predictable.

Burn. Also, true. Also, obviously. But mostly burn.

Oh, and there’s more. This time from Glen Davis, that little bitty chubby guy, once again from the Boston Globe.

“Just make him a finesse player,’’ Davis said. “He’s a great player, you know, but he’s not the hardest to guard. I think it’s easy to guard him.’’

Yikesers. When Glen Davis is calling you out for being easy to guard, that’s also an additional burn. Not that Glen Davis isn’t a fine defender, but he’s also not Hakeem Olajuwon shutting guys down left and right. Plus, as you might be able to tell, he’s not quite the physical specimen that Dwight Howard is.

But, on the other hand, Dwight did go for 33 points on 19 shots, grab 13 rebounds and make 13 of his 18 free throws last night. Seems like that predictable, finesse game is working just fine.

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  1. “everything is down. that’s been”

    Missing a capitalization. I should edit for you guys ;)

  2. KG’s post game = fade-away jumper or straight ahead jumper

  3. Eh…Perkins D’s up on Dwight better than anybody. These C and Magic games won’t be quite so close when Kendrick comes back.

  4. Agreed. Perkins owns Dwight Howard. But Dwight did score big against Boston in the playoffs last year.

    Thing is, Perkins guards the pick and roll well, and makes it so Boston doesn’t need to double Dwight in the post.

    Also, come crunch time you can’t really give it to Dwight because Patrick chewing hasn’t taught him how to shoot free throws yet.

    So Perkins pretty much cancels out a lot of the advantages Dwight Howard gives Orlando. But who knows, maybe Gilbert and J-rich can change things this year for the inevitable Orlando vs Boston playoff series.

  5. “spin lob, or jump hook” OR BULLDOZER DUNK IN YOUR FACE.

  6. Boston can talk all it wants. Here are the facts. Orlando is the only team with a winning record against the Celts since the big three been there. Check it out they are 14 and 12. Their games are almost always tight close hard fought games. Boston has never won a season series against Orlando and only one playoff series. Also check the stats, even though Perkins has been able to cover Howard one on one most of career, that ended by game 4 of the ECF. No one has been able to cover Howard since. We have the Celtics defense figured out. Boston hit 60% of its shots and only won by 3 points. Anyone knows that aint gonna happen in the playoffs. Yes it happens every now and then but to think they can keep that up is dreaming. Orlando consistently beats Boston. One playoff or series win in 5 years does not make them the dominate team they think they are. Orlando has the firepower and inside strength to take them down.

  7. BOB you hit the nail on the head my man. Celtics talk so much about the Magic because they are actually intimidated by them. I believe it was last season, regular season match up when the Magic worked Boston, and everyone was walking around the locker room talking about how they still have the Magics number, when Doc Rivers lit up the entire room letting them know that the Magic have been the only team to consistently beat them, and they are not any better than the Magic. Like bob said 60% shooting and only win by 3 points in what could have easily been a loss for the C’s is something I bet the Magic are loving right now considering J-rich has no clue what he’s doing in the team defense yet.

  8. Dwight avg 21.8 pts vs. Perkins in last yr’s ECF.

  9. The Magic’s problem with Celtics is that they are not physical enough with the exception of Dwight Howard. When the Bulls beat Boston a week ago the Celts post game comments were along the lines of how defensively they were man handled and how the Bulls took it to them. Boozer destroyed Big Baby and Rose took it to Rondo. Though better after tossing the supersoft Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis the Magic don’t put enough pressure on Boston’s interior defense. They need someone else beside Howard to consistently take it to the hole with the ability to finish or draw fouls. Van Gundy’s 3 point happy offense needs another gear where they can slash and attack the rim when called for.

  10. Hi Mike appreciate you comments but look at the box score. Forget Howards 33 points and 13 rebounds. Look at our PF Bass wass 13 pt. 3 rebounds and Anderson was 16pts. and 8 rebounds. Thats 29 and 11 that almost matched your PF of Davis and Garenett of 34 pts and 12 rebounds. You may not know this but Bass and Anderson are much tougher than Lewis and Gortat were and we have improved more than you think in that area. These guys just havent gotten the noteriety yet. With Howards points and rebounds thats 62 points and 24 rebounds. I think any NBA team would be happy with that out of their front line. So I wouldnt count on that if I were you. We have more rebounding power and interior scoring than we had last year.

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