I know exactly what you’re thinking: “I don’t have enough LeBron James in my life.”

It’s understandable, really. The guy only plays in every other nationally televised game, is on the cover of every newspaper whenever he travels to another town, has every third blog post written about him and produces headlines every time he talks about anything. He tends to keep a pretty low profile, so it makes sense that you’d be clamoring for more LeBron. Tons of sense.

Lucky for you, there’s more LeBron on the way. Four times as much, in fact. From the New York Daily News:

James’ Spring Hill Productions and Believe Entertainment Group announced Tuesday the launching of a new Web-based animated series drawing on the characters from a popular series of Nike commercials from several years ago, featuring “The LeBrons.”

The series, called “The LeBrons,” will revive the four characters all played by James at various stages of his life. The series is scheduled to debut in the spring. [...]

The series takes place in Akron, James’ hometown. James, a huge fan of cartoons, including Tom and Jerry and SpongeBob Squarepants, will provide the voice of the Business LeBron character. He has said in interviews that his goal is to deliver socially-conscious messages to young people in the series.

Finally, an animated series featuring those Nike characters from a few years back. Our wishes have been granted. Too bad we have to wait a few months for this to start up, but at least that gives us all time to upgrade our RAM and add gigabytes — nay, terabytes — to our hard drives so that we can save copies of this series to our computers. Silver lining.

Maybe this is the explanation for those bizarre Seth MacFarlane helmed Nike pre-roll spots from a couple months ago. LeBron loves “The Family Guy,” so it’s only logical he’d tab his favorite animator to handle those duties on his own web series. Just a theory, but I think it makes sense.

A lot more sense, anyway, than LeBron James having his own animated series. If it’s for kids, as it is purported to be, then that is cool. Kids need some “socially-conscious” life lessons because they are idiots. But if it’s really just another marketing/vanity project thing, than that seems a bit silly. People aren’t dying to have more LeBron James in their life, so starting this up — not to mention, voicing the most arrogant and self-absorbed of the characters — seems like a strange choice. That being said, as they teach in Marketing 101, when you don’t like what’s being said about you, make an animated series based on a commercial. Duh.

Then again, NBA stars have bragged about having an animated series before — surely you remember Gazo the Prankster, Gilbert Arenas’ one-time cartoon quest — only to have them fall through for various reasons. But LeBron’s a bigger, more high-powered star than Arenas ever was. We’ll definitely be seeing “The LeBrons,” like it or not.

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  1. How telling is it that ‘Bron chooses to voice the “Business LeBron” character rather than the “Basketball Player” LeBron.

  2. I think the key word is that it’s set in Akron. If the stories do not involve him getting pelted with rotten fruit or the dangers of eating pee soup than I’d imagine this is a vanity project by defintion.

    Although, I do look forward to the episode where Business LeBron explains the heated Cleveland/Akron rivalry to a befuddled Athlete LeBron who just wants to shoot ill-advised open court three pointers.

  3. I look forward to cameos by Wade and Bosh…NOT:)
    LeBron, Bring on Steve Nash and Baron Davis!

    And some hockey players like Ovechkin…


    Ralph Hass
    – Heard weekly on the “Thurman Thomas TV Show” for the Buffalo Bills
    – SHAW-TV imaging voice for the WHL
    – MSG-TV imaging voice for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres (2006 – 2009)

  4. <>

    Really didn’t see the end of the sentence come. Made me lol.

    Thx (not to LeBron ‘tho… how does this guy manage to become more and more annoyiing? I mean, It’s not like I really liked him all that much ro begin with!)

  5. *Kids need some “socially-conscious” life lessons because they are idiots

  6. Yeah I liked this show better when it was Fat Albert. Maybe Eddy Curry can come hang out with the LeBrons.

  7. How many Emmy’s is this going to win? Not one, not two, not three….

  8. This is going to be bigger than Dirt Squirrel

  9. Does LeBron have one sane advisor, or is every single person within his “circle” a heat-seeking sycophant? Don’t get me wong, I love the gathering storm toward total trainwreck. If he had a lick of sense though, he’d shut up and do nothing but play basketball for the rest of the season.

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