Hope you enjoyed those 13 games last night, because we’ve got slim pickings this evening. But at least that means we’ll all be watching the same thing at the same time. Togetherness.

Atlanta Hawks at Miami Heat
The Heat haven’t won a non-overtime game since Jan. 4 or, as Abraham Lincoln would call it, a fortnight. That’s a long time for a title-contending team. Lucky for them, they get the Hawks tonight, coming off a 2-point win against Sacramento. Advantage: Miami.

Charlotte Bobcats at Chicago Bulls
Chicago’s rolling right now — three straight wins and five of their last six. Charlotte, not so much. The ‘Cats have dropped three straight. However, their last win was against the Bulls, and that was before Carlos Boozer went down with an injury. Should be a good game.

Onion SportsDome (Comedy Central — 10:30pm ET)
Mixed reviews for this show, but I really liked it. Best joke of last week’s episode was the Shaq bit, which isn’t available online for some silly reason. Give it a shot tonight. You’ll be happy. (I hope.)

Tosh.0 (Comedy Central — 10pm ET)
I don’t think Daniel Tosh is nearly as funny as Daniel Tosh thinks he is, but I still think he is very, very funny. So good at jokes. Plus, he’ll have this bro on tonight and that should make for some good laughs. Lots of comedy tonight, folks.

Cupcake Wars (Food Network — 9pm ET)
Not quite sure what this is, but I think it’s reasonable to assume that it’s people reenacting famous military battles, only substituting bullets for cupcakes. Sounds pretty awesome, really.