“Them n—-s never speak to a n—-,” he says. “They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. N—- spent all that money on them f—ing tickets … Come holla at me. We sit right by them little b—- ass n—-s. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.”Lil’ Wayne, eloquently explaining why he’s upset that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade never came over to say hi to him while sitting courtside

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  1. I can see why Lil’ wayne is Upset but doesn’t he realize that the NBA Players Can get in trouble for chatting with fans. But LeBron and D-wade Could have at least Give Wayne a Hi-five or some dap After the game on their way to the Locker room. Even though they lost show some love at Lease.

  2. lmao yeah read the rest of the article about how he became uno champ lmao

  3. Complaining like a chick…but that’s what you get from a guy who tongue kisses another man.

  4. Wayne has a streak of releasing more terrible songs and albums than the Heat have L’s after the “Karma” tweet. The last thing Wade and Bron should do is associate themselves with another industry’s prematurely proclaimed “greatest ever” just to later have everyone realize he’s really just the Carmelo of the rap game. At least Wade and Bron are still great most of the time…

  5. I like that he’s showing his sensitive side. Obviously he’s really hurt. I’d gladly chuck him some deuce to cheer him up, if I only knew what that meant.

  6. who cares about any of the forementioned people?

  7. I would probably understand more of this blog post if it were written in French, and I don’t speak French.

  8. Jacob nailed it.

  9. Is Wayne really complaining because the Heat players didn’t say hello? Is he a 12 year old girl?

  10. why do they owe him a hello? obviously they’re not friends and you don’t owe someone acknowledgment and attention solely because they are famous. Fuck him.

    I wouldn’t want to talk to lil’wayne either anyway. He’s got a ghetto mouth and nothing of substance to say.

  11. Lil Wayne is a bitch. He’s not even a good rapper. I bet he dropped the soap in jail on purpose.

  12. I’m impressed Lil Wayne could put so many words together at once, even if I don’t understand half of them.

  13. fuc lil wayne,go cry 2 yo momma.u think u superior to erbody,huh.dumbass bitch.u not even a gud rapper.why shud Bron nd wade greet u?dats nt a must.

  14. I’m sure he doesn’t realize that they can’t do that,someone will tell him and he’ll make it right.
    They can be fined big time and also they’re working,putting that game face on,zoning in on the game and the task at hand.
    Think about it you never see players conversating with Spike at games,courtside,because they can’t.
    I like lil wayne alot,he’s very talented but he’s also very young,get off his jock with all this negativity.Let the young man grow and learn,and he’ll gift us with great music!!!

    Young Money Baby

  15. Wayne just hurt bosh’s feelings, the same way he got hurt lol.

  16. lebron james shoulda said hi and he a bitch 4 not sayin hi just cuz his bitch ass lost dont take it
    out on my boooo lil wayne cuz he was talkin 2 u cuz yall was friendz till you wanna be a bitch

  17. Wait what did you just say to give him a break for cryin like a lil bitch c’mon hes a grown “MAN” LMAO anyways then you said he will gift us with his music that nigga cant even rap a fucking 6 year old could spit out better lyrics than that no talent shit face fuckin gremlin lookin ass nigga thats says no homo n goes n makes out with men

  18. haha waaaaaa waaaaaa they didnt say hi to me waaaaaaaa, im a midget ugly man thats wrapped in ducktape waaaaaaa, im ugly and all i do is rap about how cool i am. wayne ur an idiot go shoot ur self again but aim at ur chest. so we def have to here a bitch like you and ur crew lame rapper, ur not even good just so many dumb nigs out there that dont know how to read or write so they use your elementary rhymes to educate themselves.

  19. Lil wanye u and lebron are my favorite rappers and basketball players don’t fight over that junk it ain’t worth it LB congrats on da ring get another for me

  20. And if its not much to ask can u guys send me a auto or call my number I know y’all here this every day but I’m your biggest fan my number is 504 564 6932 and my address is 316 mock street Sylvania GA

  21. cry baby cry baby lebron and wade don’t need to say shit to him if they don’t feel the need… I mean stop trying to be relevant lil wayne because to them your irrelevant

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