“Ladies keep them legs close, an them books open. I’m telling yall this because I care. We have to become a smarter generation.”Amar’e Stoudemire, giver of sound advice to teenage girls everywhere

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  1. I have a new found respect for Amar’e hahaha.

  2. you’d have been better off using amar’e's cover shot from espn the magazine for your photoshopping, but solid job anyways trey

  3. I love how Amar’e is correctly commenting on the future generation needing to be smarter by using very bad grammar.

  4. Wow. Fuck yeah, Amar’e.

  5. Cock-blocking Amar’e..

  6. I get the feeling he’s been burned recently by an easy, dumb girl.

  7. Amar’e didn’t even go to college, why’s he talking?

  8. from a guy who didn’t go to collage, really?

  9. He’s probably getting tired of all the dumb girls that are trying to get with him. haha

  10. Yeah he didn’t go to college and is making 100 million dollars. <– He's so dumb. Will a girl with her legs open make that much?

  11. Listen to Amar’e, ladies. Keep your legs close, not far away from you. Nothing says dumb chick like flailing limbs. On the other hand, nothing says smart like http://www.mexarab.com.

  12. Why don’t journalists, bloggers etc actually check the whole story before taking shots at people? Now I admit maybe Amar’e didnt use the best language or phrase it the best way. But if you read his tweet right before this one, he was commenting on the high school in Memphis where 90 girls are pregnant. Followed by this one, which I think makes the context more clear. Also Nash re-tweeted this, I don’t see anyone taking shots at him.

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