I don’t think there’s any doubt that the NBA’s latest Where Amazing Happens “Encouragement” spot, featuring a pubescent Steve Nash dunking (!) and nailing threes at St. Michaels University in Victoria, is the best one yet. Durant’s was too creepy; Amare’s was pretty lame. But this one? Man, Emmett “Doc” Brown approves.

(via Dime Magazine)

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  1. Genuinely thought this was a TBJ spoof featuring Skeets first (well until the semi-dunk at least)

  2. These spots are great! All of them

  3. Totally agree with your assessment. Durant’s creepy, Amare’s lame, Nash’s good.

  4. He looks like the lead singer from Maroon 5 (and yes I’m embarrassed to make a Maroon 5 reference).

  5. Who is the kid supposed to be? “10 years from now, you come to my high school and turn my life around”. An actual person who Nash will meet?

  6. Can someone transcript what the kid says, I’ve watched it a few times but still can’t understand what he says when he mumbles at the end of his sentences.

  7. “they’re going to love that shot in phoenix”

    these spots are all brilliant, no matter how creepy, etc.

  8. whoah, this throws me of so bad……..

  9. come on now, that was no dunk. sort of a hybrid layup, maybe, but not a dunk

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