All-Star Game jerseys are basically always ridiculous. Outside of the late-80′s red and white classics — or the 2003 update of that style — the uniforms are always covered in gradients, ornate fonts or cartoon cacti. It’s best to just embrace that silliness and enjoy these novelty get-ups for the one time a year when they’re worn. This year is no different.

Up top are the 2011 version of the ASG jerseys, available for custimization at the NBA Store, if you’re so inclined. As in most other years, they’re wacky. There’s a name underneath the player’s number, those air-circulating patterns that are all the rage, a different colored yoke and patches galore. Essentially, every design feature you can imagine was used in these, yet it came out looking like a default create-a-team uniform from “NBA Live 2001.” Bizarre.

Oh, and the jerseys say “THE West” and “THE East.” Surely, you noticed that, because really? I mean, I know we all say, “The West is up by 13 right now,” but that doesn’t mean it has to be on the jersey. It’s not like you see definite articles included on any other uniform. Hilarious inclusion. Get out of here with your “the.” Silly.

That being said, these are fine. They kind of remind me of an updated version of the 2005 jerseys. Kind of dull, but certainly better than the half-and-half look from ’08 or the line festival in ’06. We probably won’t be telling our kids about these, but they’re not bad.

However, as wise sage Justin Timberlake would say: “Drop the ‘the.’ It’s cleaner.” He knows what he’s talking about. He founded Napster after all.

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Comments (8)

  1. the ’05 ones looked pretty sweet

  2. The East one is nice. The red and gold on the West one looks damn tacky.

  3. Iron Man would like to have a word with the guy above me…

    lol naw you’re right they’re pretty ugly.

  4. The pattern on the back looks like weed. Was Snoop Dogg involved in the design?

  5. @SMK73
    Man, you smoke weird weed!

  6. I always liked it better when they used their own team uniforms back in the 90s

  7. hahaha @ “the” facebook reference

  8. it does kinda look like weed, maybe Brad Miller and Joakim Noah were involved in the design

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