On today’s show, a sleep deprived Skeets and Tas discuss the latest development in The ‘Melo Sweepstakes. Is Nets owner Prokhorov playing hardball, or is he just trying to save face? Are the Knicks the new front-runner for ‘Melo, or can Dallas (or Houston) weasel their way into renting him? And did the Nuggets’ front office get too greedy? All that, plus thoughts on DeMar DeRozan replacing Brandon Jennings in the Dunk Contest, the Hornets’ crazy-ass win, whether the Pistons can/will go back to playin’ Rip Hamilton, and much more.


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Comments (22)

  1. What is the song on the outro? So smooth! Sorry if someone answered this already.

  2. The 4 point plays that the magic got were really suspect.
    Also Kelly Dwyer from ball dont lie doesnt have a single spur winning an award even though they have the best record. Comments?

  3. is rip that washed up? i haven’t watched many (any?) pistons games closely this season, surely some team could make use of him, even with that bad a contract…

    @Advait – dwyer’s “snub” has caused more consternation that it deserves. as a spurs fan, i think his picks were about right….

  4. nice, u guys talked about the warriors

    thumbs up

  5. Please stop using Chris Bosh and superstar in the same sentence. Thanks.

  6. I am sooo fed up with the aptly termed Melodrama. Please no more.

  7. @ andrew the former bogut hater – As someone who has watched (read suffered through) most of the Pistons games over the last few seasons, I believe Rip isn’t what he used to be, but I do think he could help a contender. He should not start playing again though because, frankly, he is to big of a pouter to help the Pistons on the floor right now. But in the right situation, with a good team, he could be a valuable asset.

  8. I’m with Andrew. Just because a team is successful doens’t mean that one of their players has to win an individual award. I can’t think of anybody on the Spurs who would have been a better pick than what Dwyer had. It’s not like one dude is carrying them. They’re just a really good team with a lot of really good players.

  9. Granger got his block on Dorell. I swear Dorell got a block on Granger, too. He had like 3.

  10. Melas, you’re drunk on the Ill Will, there’s no way one pick and Ill Will is better than TWO first rounders, Favors, and Devin Harris. Put down the crack pipe.

  11. I really think that the Nets are just saving face. The Nuggets are just gonna have to suck it up and deal with the Knicks, and no Chandler is NOT a star.

  12. Oh and that was the first time I ever heard Prokhorov talk last night I was really hoping he would end with him talking about opulence and how he has its.

  13. Nice job on the Hangtime podcast.

  14. Read a Bill Simmons article on ESPN last Thursday about the smartest move for Melo to make, and I agree that the Clippers should be the front-runner if Melo or the Nuggets front-office have even looked in that direction.

    -As solid of a young starting line-up (minus Baron, add Bledsoe) as anyone in the West (Baron, Commissioner Gordon, Melo, Blake, DeAndre Jordan/Ike Diogu)

    -Can give Denver Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris Kaman, Expiring Contracts & Minnesota’s Unprotected 2012 First-Rd Pick

    -LaLa can be in LA, in the big market that she wants to be in

    -Melo plays on a budding Clippers team that could be very dangerous in 2-3 years and will at least make a run at home court advantage in the first round every year, as opposed to New Jersey, where he’ll maybe be part of a 7th or 8th place team in the East and lose first round to the super-friends…

    It makes more sense financially, career-wise, and appease-your-wifey-wise to try and deal with the Clips than it is to go New Jersey or New York. But what do I know, I’m just a fan, what do you guys think???

  15. I think the Clippers make a ton of sense. You know, if you don’t mind playing for a racist scumbag owner.

  16. What about rip to the mavs? He’s not a ball stoppa like Dominique jones and roddy buckets.

    I don’t know about his d though.


  17. Where did you talk about the Warriors? When giving the whoah boy to Granger who lost to the Warriors? Or did I miss something else. In any case, you need to talk more about the Warriors for this show to ever truly reach the elite level.

    Big move by Prokhorov. That was a giant fuck you to all the agents trying to get as much of the pie as possible. I hope other owners will learn from him. Yes, you need a superstar on your team, but gutting your team for short-term gains is not the way to do it.

  18. Too much Carmelo talk, I don’t give a fuck about this guy, he doesn’t make his teammates better at a Kobe or LeBron-type level. Whoa boy @ 18:22 looks like Skeets is having an orgasm. Anne Hathaway FTW

  19. Yeah I’m done with the Melodrama. TBJ, will you please let it die?

  20. No, actually, Granger blocked Reggie Williams

  21. @ andrew the former bogut hater : He should have given Pop coach of year. After all they are on course to win 70 games. And the most impressive part is that all the starters are not being overplayed.

  22. Great episode title.

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