Classic Mike Dunleavy, Jr. Always getting dunked on. After all those other guys who have thrown down on Mr. Polyester Pants, why not a teammate? Glad to have this added to the long list of Dunleavy dunkers.

And so is Tyler Hansbrough, I’m sure. He’s a Tarheel, through and through, so he has to be loving this. That North Carolina/Duke rivalry never really dies.

(via Get Banged On/BDL)

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  1. That Pacers uniform doesn’t suit Hansbrough at all. It’s not a bad-looking uniform, but it looks weird on him.

  2. Agreed. Think it’s too dark for his pale, pale skin.

  3. I did not read that as “crams” at first glance.

  4. [...] not been a good few days for Mike Dunleavy, Jr. On Thursday, fellow Indiana Pacer Tyler Hansbrough dunked on him, crotch-on-neck style. Then yesterday, J.R. Smith literally spun him around with a crossover, [...]

  5. Agreed, Barachat. It’s too bad since Indiana is the perfect place for Hans. Nobody appreciates their white American players like Indiana.

    So what other uni would look better, keeping in mind he’d have to go to a TTHTTSFWAP (Teams That Historically Tends To Sign Fringe White American Players)? Choose between the following:

    Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, Charlotte, Washington

  6. How man steps did Dunleavy take before heaving up that brick? 6? 7?

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