Apparently the 76ers didn’t scout the Magic’s play where Jameer Nelson drives baseline and dishes to Hedo Turkoglu who’s cutting to the middle from the wing. Because that happened twice, and it somehow miraculously resulted in two dunks. Two glorious, majestic dunks off literally the exact same play. Maybe put that one in the report, Doug Collins.

As for Spencer Hawes and Tony Battie — just retire now. You both got dunked on by a guy who couldn’t get the ball over the front of the rim a month ago. For shame, 76ers big men. For shame.

(via The Hoop Scene)

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  1. I believe that was Tony Battie. Theo Ratliff is still on the IL for the Lakers.

  2. Theo would never let that happen

  3. Yep, you’re right. Transported to 2001 for a minute there.

  4. If they’d run that play again Hedo was going to go for the reverse, you could just tell.

  5. Heh pretty set play, Magic dudes… PG dribbling in and out of the post and Tas Melas cutting to the hoop full speed. Nice.

    The dunks were pretty cool by the way – not just layups and shaking the rim with the fingertips. He really went for it :)

  6. Must be his younger brother Gino

  7. Trey’s mind’s already partying in Toronto…

  8. That’s humiliating, as a Sixers fan, to get dunked on by Turk. I dislike him even more now than I did when he crapped all over Toronto and Phoenix.

  9. wow tas, i guess the broken leg is completely healed huh?

  10. First Skeets outruns the whole Knicks Team…

    … and now Tas does a poster, not once but twice…

    Is it just me or is the party going to be off the hook?!

  11. The first was really bad defense by Iguodala turning his back on Turkoglu. The second, well, that was bad defense by all the 76ers. Sure, even the ones on the bench. Nelson should have taken another lap around; he probably would have gotten a clear path for himself.

  12. Kind of like the chinese proverb….If a Hedo dunks on a Sixer….does it still count as a dunk.

  13. @Markus
    Who could blame him?
    Everyone thinks about partying in Toronto when you say “Hedo”

  14. Turk is a lazy 6-10. he is supposed to do that more frequently for his 10 mill salary.

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