New Jersey Nets 103, Utah Jazz 95
The Nets beat the full strength Jazz on the same day that Mikhail Prokhorov visits from Russia declaring that the Nets are done trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony. Banner day for New Jersey.

Orlando Magic 99, Philadelphia 76ers 98 OT
I think once everything was all said and done, this game really came down to the fact that the 76ers gave up two four point plays in the final two minutes of regulation. Sure, there was an entire overtime period after that, but come on. Can’t imagine too many teams that do that pull out wins.

Phoenix Suns 106, Cleveland Cavaliers 98
Steve Nash is really good at basketball. I wonder why no one ever mentions that. 15 points and 15 assists, which is pretty standard. Grant Hill — also good. 27 points and 12 rebounds, like it’s 1996 up in here.

Boston Celtics 86, Detroit Pistons 82
The good news for the Pistons is that Kevin Garnett didn’t call Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient. Probably. I mean, there’s a very good chance he did, but we haven’t heard that yet. You know what, I bet he did. Nevermind.

Milwaukee Bucks 100, Washington Wizards 87
Keyon Dooling and Andray Blatche led this game in scoring with 23 points a piece. That’s what kind of game this was. (Read: a bad one.)

New Orleans Hornets 103, Memphis Grizzlies 102 OT
Pretty good play(s) by Marcus Thornton to win this one for the Hornets. It’s plays like that make you understand why Marco Belinelli remains the starter at shooting guard. Except, actually, the opposite of that.

Houston Rockets 104, New York Knicks 89
Being held to 89 points by the Houston Rockets is like being held to 60 points by the Celtics. Not good, KnickerKnicks.

San Antonio Spurs 104, Toronto Raptors 95
Toss out the 33-16 third quarter and the 10-0 start and the Raptors played an excellent game. Unfortunately, and I’ve checked in to this, every minute of the game counts. New rule, I think.

Dallas Mavericks 109, Los Angeles Lakers 100
Sasha Pavlovic is now sporting a plastic facemask that is held in place by only a regulation NBA headband. There’s no bottom strap that keeps the thing secure on his face. He either has the world’s tightest headband or the world’s suctioniest face. Either way, he’s our generations Richard Hamilton.

Denver Nuggets 112, Oklahoma City Thunder 107
35 points and a win for Carmelo Anthony. Apparently this whole “Nets not trading for ‘Melo” thing is working out for everyone. That won’t change, I’m sure.

Portland Trail Blazers 94, Sacramento Kings 90 OT
Like it or not, Nicolas Batum still looks like Dhalsim from “Street Fighter.” In fact, “Yoga Flame” would be a really good nickname for him.

Golden State Warriors 110, Indiana Pacers 108
Good shot, Monta Ellis. Also good impression of LeBron James’ first Nike commercial and/or a living mannequin.

Los Angeles Clippers 126, Minnesota Timberwolves 110
Blake Griffin and Kevin Love are two of the top four rebounders in the NBA, so of course DeAndre Jordan would lead this game in boards. That’s obvious.