Tyrus Thomas is having surgery on his injured left knee. Not good, Charlotte fans, as he’ll be out 6-8 weeks. Not good, since the former Bulls flameout has been quietly putting up great stats off the bench for the Bobcats. It’s OK to frown, Charlotteans. You won’t be alone.

No, no — Gerald Wallace is frowning too, and not just because he’ll be missing his high-flying running mate. No, he’s sad for another reason, and here it is, courtesy of the Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell:

[Bonnell] was the one who told Wallace that Thomas would be out eight weeks. You should have seen the look on Wallace’s face – somewhere between shock and dread as I asked him what he thinks about becoming a quasi-power forward again.

Gerald’s response was telling:

“If he wants me to go some (at 4), fine,’’ Wallace said. “But as far as labeling me a 4, I’m done with those days.’’

Totally a bummer, if you’re Gerald Wallace. He goes from being one of the finest small forwards the game has to offer to playing power forward and getting his ribs smashed, lungs punctured and head concussed. As VH1′s Best Week Ever would have said if they covered NBA minutiae and still existed as a television show, “Downgrade.”

Of course, Wallace has already played 13 percent of the Bobcats’ minutes as power forward this season, during which the team has been much better offensively. He might not be the biggest fan of it — and after seeing his body destroyed to pieces over and over again, you can’t blame him for that — but he is pretty good at it. For whatever reason, it appears a lot of NBA power forwards have trouble guarding a freak athlete who tries hard all the time. Who woulda thunk?

But still, if he’s not happy, that’s no fun. Not that he ever smiles or anything, but it’d be nice to at least know he enjoys what he’s doing. Also, no injuries would be pretty cool. We can hope.

(via SLAM)