As I’m sure you have heard, Carmelo Anthony has requested to be traded, no duh. Then he was traded to the Nets, but then he wasn’t. And then that happened again, but then it fell apart again because who wants to play for the Nets for a bunch of years in a row, even if they are in Brooklyn eventually. So then, Mikhail Prokhorov flew in from Russia with the intent of tricking Carmelo in to signing an extension with the Nets, but then he realized that wasn’t going to work, so he just called the whole thing off and put on a pair of stonewashed jeans and called it a day. I’m exhausted.

So are the Nets. For the past six months or so, they’ve had to deal with rumors of being traded or having their best friends be traded and that can really wear on a team, you guys. And for that, GM Billy King is very, very sorry. From the AP:

The post-Carmelo Anthony era started for the New Jersey Nets with a simple apology.

General manager Billy King addressed the team at practice Thursday and apologized for the way he and the Nets handled things in their efforts to acquire Anthony from the Denver Nuggets.

Although King wasn’t around to tell the media exactly what he said, coach Avery Johnson said the GM was upset how negotiations played out publicly and disrupted the lives of the players.

That is nice. As Lynn Johnston always says, “An apology is the superglue of life.  It can repair just about anything.” So, I guess, consider the Nets superglued. Consider their tender hearts repaired. Nice guy, that Billy King.

But seriously, when you’ve spent half a year trying to trade various permutations of the roster, only to have it all collapse, it’s probably for the best that you tell your team you really want them to be there, even if you kind of wish they weren’t. It is just the right thing to do, kind of how you act like you really love that sweater that your sister got you for Christmas even though you don’t really wear those kind of clothes anymore. King’s apology might help smooth some things over, and getting people on the same page is important for an NBA team.

Plus, you know, it’s nice to feel wanted sometimes. Any jilted girlfriend can tell you that.