All eyes on Kim

Courtside seats are nice, but sitting in the second row is no slouch. Just ask this entire row of creeps who had the good fortune to sit directly behind Kim Kardashian and her world famous derriere during this past Saturday’s game against the Mavericks. These guys know the value of premium tickets.

Especially the bro in the Yankees hat. He really knows the value.

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  1. my only reaction to that pic is ;


  2. It looks like even the girls directly behind her in the third row are watching and making comments to themselfs about it lol. Love when cameras catch this type of thing.

  3. would you want to watch a nets game?

  4. damn Chandler fell off!!!

  5. Clauude have mercy.

  6. are they really creeps? she created her “fame” with her body and sex tape and recently tweeted a sexy pic of herself in a tiny bikini. she’s still selling the sex so you can’t blame a guy for checking her out if she is right in front of them. doesn’t make them creeps, just normal.

  7. You have to give a shout to the guy with the “cough”.

  8. Man, the brother from Everybody Loves Raymond has really packed on the pounds!

  9. Yeah she’s a bigger creep than those guys. Come on now, she got famous for sucking black wang on camera.

  10. I think those guys were wondering how something that big was going to fit into that courtside folding chair. Kind of like having to buy two seats on Southwest if your butt doesn’t fit into just one.

  11. Bunch of guys with no dates/wives checking out world famous ass: Normal.
    Vincent Pastore wannabe checking it out whole not moving a muscle: Funny

  12. I’d be doing the same thing. I’m just sayin…

  13. i wonder if kim enjoyed sitting next to portia di rossi and chandler bing

  14. Looks like Tom Hanks has gotten really fricken fat!

  15. What game was this?

    I honestly think that it is photo shopped. The shadows don’t look right.

  16. [...] at full speed, but those are the risks of sitting front row at a Knicks game. It’s not all Kim Kardashian’s sweet, sweet booty. Sometimes you end up with a full-fledged Dwight Howard in your lap.Of course, I’m sure [...]

  17. i very love kim kardashian

  18. That was totally funny! Thanks for sharing.

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