On today’s show, Skeets and Tas scour the league to bring you the winners and losers of the weekend. Trending this Monday: the Hornets’ winning streak (and fans), Kevin Durant’s sick game-winner vs. NYK, Mike Miller’s shooting stroke, the Pacers’ inexperience, the Raptors’ injury bug, and poor Kuester/Rip communication. All that, plus some highlights, lowlights and, well, spoilers from The Jones’ 5-Year Anniversary Show on Friday. (Video to come!)

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Comments (16)

  1. Did Tas throw his picks to make it interesting? =p

  2. Durant hit a game winner his rookie year

  3. Had a fantastic time at the Party. Finally got to meet Skeets and Matty O. The Raptors are no doubt a loser of the weekend. I was a winner of the weekend by deciding to got to your party instead of staying home and covering that game vs Orlando. Great time and it was a lot of fun to come out. Hamilton even got some love today which is where I am from.

    I respect how hard you all work and am so happy for all the success you guys have had. Got to get Tas Melas for his annual visit to the Dino Nation Blog or some TBJ member to come on with me.

    All The Best.

  4. Ya it was his first game winner as a Thunder

  5. Damn Skeets I was waiting all weekend to ask about the Hornets attendance thingy, cuz I read it and didn’t quite believe it.. and then u bring it up! Even on a hungover weekend, TBJ doin’ work.

    “It is Yout” – Tas Melas! Brilliant. Shout out to “My Cousin Vinny”.

    I read a stat this year that Denver was 63-0 at home when leading going into the 4th quarter. I guess it’s the altitude and teams getting tired? Anyway, that streak was broken a few weeks ago.

    Last thing, do you guys get questions about TBJ starting up the day b4 Kobe goes for 81? Is that a coincidence?

  6. Oh boy, Tas looks pissed

  7. Great live show guys, I really enjoyed it. Yeah, not everything went so smoothly but I thought you guys handled it pretty well. Definitely worth the $5.

    I couldn’t stop laughing when JD said Tas broke his wrist on JE’s limp cock and balls (or the other way around).

  8. Winner of the weekend: Lingonberries.
    Loser of the weekend: Melas, for watching that Diddy SNL even though it was a repeat (it was).

  9. Durant had a game winner vs Atlanta when they were part of the super sonics

  10. Oh and Trey Kerby in the elf costume… will haunt my dreams.

  11. He hit a game winner as a Sonic (I think it was at least a 30-footer). Proves how reliable Miami is

  12. Channing Frye screwed the Suns. You’d think when you’re 1-10 from deep, you’d get gun shy and throw the ball to Nash.


  13. Tas, SNL was a repeat, but it still doesn’t change your warranted anger towards Diddy aka Puffy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs aka Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs aka P. Diddy aka Sean P. Combs.

  14. Streak is over I wanna hear about it 2morrow

  15. rudy gay just killing the bitch ass raptors.fuck yeah.

  16. Bring back the daily game picking… its alot more fun than picking games over the weekend

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