Saturday night, while you were out skating the indoor park’s new grind rails, Mike Miller had the bounce back game we have all been waiting for since this season started. After thumb surgery to reattached the thumb he lost in a tragic goldfish incident, Miller had been struggling, right up until his 32-point outburst against the Raptors. It’s the feel-good story of the year in the NBA, for those weirdos who love thumb injuries.

And while you would think that 6-11 three-point shooting and 10 rebounds would win Miller unanimous praise from his teammates, you’d be wrong. No, my thumb-loving friends, our man Mike only got the tiniest bit of adulation from his big-time buddy, SeƱor LeBron James. Check it:

It was great to see Mike (Miller) make himself relevant again in this league. I told him that on the court.

So, basically:

LeBron: “Way to finally be relevant, Tatts.”
Mike Miller: “Thanks?”

I am not an expert in linguistics, but I’d guess there is probably a better way to say that you are impressed with your teammate’s performance — a teammate, mind you, that most people think is going to be a huge reason why or why not your team wins a championship — than by telling him and the media that he is “relevant again.” But leave it to LeBron James to put his foot in his mouth, even when offering a compliment.

But at least he was complimenting him. LeBron surely knows that Mike Miller playing well is a huge deal for the Heat. Yes, it’s weird that LeBron is now the arbiter of relevance in the NBA, but he’s obviously aware that good Mike Miller is the best kind. He went about pointing it out the wrong way, but at least the thumb is healed and Mike Miller is balling again. (Of course, if you hate the Heat, this is time for frowns.)

That being said, Miller did play a minor role on the Wizards last year, with his biggest headlines of the season coming when he finally cut his hair. LeBron’s kinda right, no matter how awkward it came out.

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  1. @KingJames I never said that 2 Miller, I said he was like an elephant astride this league. Y u haters gotta hate? #MentalNote

  2. Andrew Bynum Celebrity fitness video:

    Best line: “You got it up really quick that time”.

    Michael Scott.

  3. I heard a video of LBJ making that remark, and he was clearly being facetious by understating Miller’s contribution, in essence confirming Miller’s importance by taking it for granted. Anyway, he certainly wasn’t slighting his teammate.

  4. What Michael said…

    Not sure if Trey watched the video on the quote. He was clearly being sarcastic and funny. Why no post on when someone tweeted at LeBron saying “LeBum scored the most points but Mike Miller was the player of the game” and LeBron said “No doubt about it!”.

    I think this one is pushing it lol.

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