When it comes to professional sports, in postgame interviews you usually hear just a few familiar assessments on a team’s opponent. You’ve got the classic, “We beat ourselves.” Of course there is the oft-mentioned, “That’s a good team. We knew we were in for a fight.” And then there is, “Hats off to them. They beat us.”

You’ve heard these before and you’ll surely hear them again, as they have become so ingrained in athlete speak that they’re repeated over and over. However, on occasion, a player will give their true and honest assessment of another team. When that happens, something magical takes place.

Like, for instance, when David Lee of the Golden State Warriors describes matching up with the San Antonio Spurs. Not only is it humorous, it’s also a perfect explanation of everything about the Spurs. From the AP:

“They’re a very frustrating team to play,” Lee said. “I don’t go out there feeling like they’re a better team than us. When you play the Lakers you look at their size and say it’s going to be a tough game. I feel like we match up well with the Spurs. I feel like they’re a beatable team, especially in this building. And just the way they execute and the way they take advantage of any little mistake you make, it’s like a boring way to play but it’s so effective.”

Let’s see here — mentions of the Spurs being frustrating, boring and of how well they execute. That’s the Spurs trifecta. Well done, David Lee, you’ve just elucidated in six sentences what everyone’s felt about San Antonio for the past 14 years.

As for the part where Lee doesn’t feel like the Spurs are a better team than the Warriors, that’s a LOL for sure. Yes, Lee’s only been a Warrior for half a season so he probably doesn’t know that the Warriors haven’t beat the Spurs since January 2007. Fair enough. But in the half season Lee’s been in Golden State, the Warriors have lost to the Spurs three times with the margin of victory increasing each time. Not only are the Spurs a better team than the Warriors, they’re also becoming an even better team each time they play. It might not feel like they’re a better team, but they are definitely a better team. Doy.

But really, that’s not the big news. Of course the Spurs are better than the Warriors, despite how David Lee feels. Everyone knows this, probably even David Lee. The big news is that whoever decides to write a book about the Tim Duncan Spurs finally has the perfect quote to lead with in the preface. Because, seriously, “the way they execute and the way they take advantage of any little mistake you make, it’s like a boring way to play but it’s so effective” is perfect.

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  1. Lee is awesome – really glad the warriors signed him. He’s smart, got the right attitude and hustle, and a solid 15 10 4 guy. 20 million a year – it’s worth it. He’s really made the dubs watchable this year.

  2. I had high hopes for Lee – but if he finds teamwork and execution to be boring, maybe they are misplaced.

  3. Well, he’s not wrong.

  4. He kinda is… Great execution can be really fun to watch…

    btw, I had totally forgot David Lee even existed before that post… Really hard to watch West coast games in Europe, but when I do, I prefer… not the Dubs…

  5. Sorry Ryan but at 20 million a year that was a horrible signing..Yes I do like his attitude but for 20 mill a year he’s not a guy that you should build a franchise around. You sound like a local TV broadcaster that constantly tries to justify overpaying Lee. So please stop…

    As to the point of boring, I would take being boring like the Spurs 7 days a week b/c it would mean that the Warriors would be consistently winning. You can have your entertaining basketball & 28-35 win seasons but I would rather have winning seasons and consistent playoff berths instead.

  6. Good thing David Lee doesn’t make close to $20 M a year. He signed for 6 years at $80 M total.

  7. My bad NJ, I was gonig off the assertion of 20 mill that Ryan made..Although the contract itself is still bloated & could have been better used elsewhere. But what do you expect from a GM like Riley, who would seemingly rather make a safe move & keep his job than actually address the needs of the Warriors.

    Although the move itself was not totally his fault b/c of outgoing ownership, he still took full responsibility for making the deal. Then again paying Lee 80 mill for the pleasure of saying he “was” an All-Star in PR/Marketing campaigns was probably worth it in his eyes, but a little high dont you think?

  8. David Lee sounds like he’s trying to line up an espn gig for May and June.
    Backhanded compliment to small-market team? Check.
    Can that come with an out-of-date cliche? Check.

    Your mistake (endorsing his) is talking about “what everyone’s felt about San Antonio for the past 14 years” as one block, rather than paying the slightest attention to the current roster and playing style (hint: Duncan doesn’t play 40+ minutes/night; hint 2: Jaque Vaughn isn’t the back-up point anymore).

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