After yet another practice with more guys injured and sitting out than guys participating, Jay Triano was asked about the Raptors’ NBA record consecutive games with a three-point field goal made coming to an end at 986 games. His response was classic.

“Yeah, you know what? With about a minute to go in a close game I thought, ‘You know what, we should probably figure out how to hit a three rather than try to win this game.’”

And how did he find out that the streak was over?

“I found out after we were walking off the floor. Somebody yelled at me that I should be fired because we didn’t make a three. Somebody yelled at me, that’s when I went, ‘Did we not make a three? OK, well,’ I mean, honestly, you know what, I think the organization should be very proud of the streak that it had, but for us to go into a game thinking that we should try to make a three and for us to have a depleted lineup with guys like Barbosa and Kleiza and Calderon not in uniform, I mean those are guys that are going to sometimes step up and make them for us. You know what, it’s a record and that record did not help us climb one spot in our race to try to get better as a team. It’s one less thing we can put in our media notes. Alright? So that’s about the extent of that streak being broken.”

Glad we got that out of the way.

Seriously, though, it doesn’t look like this record will be one that lasts very long. The Dallas Mavericks are currently at 981 consecutive games with a three-point make, and there’s a chance that the newly acquired Peja Stojakovic could be the one to snuff out Toronto’s record.

An ex-Raptor sticking it to Toronto? With the way this season has gone, that would be fitting.