Interesting show today, friends. I would tell you not to watch it, but then you’d miss out on hearing Skeets and Tas discuss Rudy Gay’s game-winner, the end of the Raptors’ three-point shooting streak, Jeff Green’s contract situation, Chris Paul’s flopping, Serge Ibaka’s defense, the Kings “big win” in Portland, Real Sports, Stratford, ol’ Kurt Thomas, Oscar movie reviews, some of the best dunking point guards ever, and a shadow of Baron Davis’ chubby crossover.

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Comments (39)

  1. It’s hard to understand why Nolan didn’t get nominated for TDK or Inception, but the true crime was snubbing him for Memento.

  2. Kobe’s fadeaway? Or how about free throw routines.. Rip Hamilton, Jason Kidd and Gilbert Arenas have pretty well known ones

  3. Scola’s scoop!

  4. Green is the guy that will hold the Thunder back unless they trade him. Ibaka takes fewer shots away from Westbrook, Durant, and Harden, scores incredibly efficiently (vs. Green, who is incredibly inefficient), plays VASTLY superior defense, rebounds much, much better, and fits a lot better in their starting lineup. Green is the Marvin Williams of their team, and they need to trade him while they can still get some value for him.

  5. Joakim Noahs freethrows/jumper! & Carlos Boozers obtuse angle jumper

  6. Kobe’s fade.

    Huh, there is a length filter lol.
    But yeah, Kobe’s fade

  7. Baron’s UCLA dunks were quite good but I don’t know if his NBA dunks can measure up to the great PG dunkers.

    Speaking of UCLA dunks, Westbrook had some too

  8. David Lee shoulda gotten that lil whoa boy. He earned it

    I watched the 4th of the hornets/thunder last night. I think that KD bricks alot of open shots because he takes them on the run. Last night with like 1:30 and the game tied he came around a screen up top, got hella space and put up a 19-21 footer. He bricked it, but he didn’t take any time with his shot and jacked it while on the run instead of taking that half second to stop and square up.

  9. ^^^ Rick Barry

    Disappointed about the Raptors not hitting a three yesterday. They should have been jacking them up in the 4th quarter. Sure they’d lose but it’s not like they’re in a playoff race or anything.

  10. Yeah I was about to write Kobe’s fadeaway as well. Tony Parker’s floater. Steve Nash licking his fingers and his fading jumper in the lane as well, that’s probably one of the easiest. That’s obvious but there’s Shaq’s dunk, now imitated by Dwight.

    Kurt Thomas should not have been Whoa Boy, more like Whoa Gramps or Whoa Senior Citizen. He honestly looks like 50. I love him though, he could be a very important piece to the Bulls come playoff time.

  11. KG’s defensive stance is pretty recognizable… y’all are right Derrick Rose is the best dunking PG… number 2 is Westbrook…

  12. The game where Durant defended David West was this year

  13. Best dunking pg: I’d say in his prime steve francis.

    for other recognizable images: garnett basline fadeaway, this one is a stretch but chris paul’s floater/alleyoop. TD left post bank shot (not sure how you would bronze that one).

  14. @Justin, just bronze the ball hitting the backboard. We will all know who it is that shot it.

  15. Peja’s stroke is unique.

  16. What about Sam Perkins smooth lean back three from the top of the key? Or Reggie Millers’ jumper. Or maybe Tim Duncans’ reverse pivot elbow jumper off the glass (might be a bit much to bronze, but that is trademark Duncan).

  17. “Gimme the King’s speech” is the new “fill me in.”

  18. you could bronze Tayshaun Prince’s left elbow out jumpshot or maybe his jump hook.

  19. How about Tayshaun denying Reggie Miller? Or Reggie and Antoine doing their respective shimmies?

    Also, Allen Iverson’s jump shot that looks like his entire body’s about to go horizontal, and does LeBron have a “signature” “bronzed” thing? I always just think of that dunk on KG or just him soaring through the air fully extended, a la’ Erving.

    Blake Griffin… just jumping. Just put his like two feet higher than everybody else’s.

  20. “Blake Griffin… just jumping. Just put his like two feet higher than everybody else’s.”
    lol @ that one

    But for LBJ, I’d say his head-first drive followed by a flying layup that goes under the arms of 2 defenders before hitting the glass and going in (all this on the right side of the floor)…
    Plus he has to be almost oustide the paint, when finishing…

    Yep, you’re gonna need a lot of bronze for that one!

    This shoot looks so stupid, it annoys me every time he hits it… But he does, constantly…
    Could you imagine a regular player trying to pull that off?
    Well, this was his “strategy” for 7 years in Cleveland…

  21. Stan van Gundy’s eratic crossed arms at the sideline.

  22. Someone email me the song of the show.


    JE has a nice sense of style, Wish I could rock like dude!

  23. @AG: The new TBJ theme song is “Bones Attack” by The Meligrove Band.You can download it here:

  24. leandro barbosa’s jump shot would be easily recognizable, the way he holds the ball five feet in front of his body

  25. Think old school: Kareem’s Sky hook, Charles Barkley’s ugly jumper, Karl Malone’s hammer (also karl malone’s mini prayer pre every free throw), cant believe no one has mentioned MJ’s fade …the one kobe stole? or the head down flush that he relentlessly threw down, timmy hardaway’s cross over, or better, the wide sling AI crossover, anything by hakeem, and shaq’s backboard breaker two handed slam that became a logo! rodmans scissor kick rebound. Gary paytons chin in his defensive stance, up there with KG.

  26. I think Steve Nash’s entire game would be pretty recognizable.

  27. Fishers slingshot jumper

  28. they should bronze andrea bargnani’s twat

  29. Styles:
    Shots: Elton Brand, Joakim Noah, Stephen Jackson, Ronnie Brewer
    Derek Fisher is like a mini-Carlos Boozer, Omri Casspi’s is Shawn Marion-lite
    And Scola has the Argentina version of Dream Shake

  30. Chuck Hayes Free Throw LOL

    Kobe Fade away too

  31. Peja has a distinctive shot

  32. Shaq and Chuck Hayes’ free throw. Hedo Turkoglu’s “shake weight” celebration. Zdrunas’ weird jumper. Julia Wright’s fail college dunk.

  33. John Wall’s dance and dougie

  34. Good point on Westbrook as best PG dunker.

    Sheed’s high-release turnaround jumper (though I guess Aldridge has kind of adopted it too).

  35. Able to be bronzed: Karl Malone’s jump shot and flailing his elbows around

    Best PG Dunker: Derrick Rose but I can’t believe John Starks has yet to be mentioned even though he was kind of a combo guard.

  36. @Mehmood True that. I was also thinking about Starks, and his dunk vs. Bulls. Straks is probably not number 1 , but definitely deserves to be here.

  37. Nash’s scoop layup is bronze-worthy to me, especially since his face always looks the same every time, which means it should be double bronzed, right? Also Melo’s turnaround fadeaway with his arms fully extended, that shot is almost all wrist.

    And as for the dunking PG discussion, would Magic be up there? The guy was 6’9 so I assume he was a good dunker, I just wasn’t alive to watch him so I can say anything on the matter.

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