Normally, when I think about Kurt Thomas — pretty often, if you must know — I’m usually thinking about how it’s surprising that he led the NCAA in both scoring and rebounding or about how it’s amazing that he’s still in the NBA or if maybe any players have given him the nickname “Crazy Eyes.” Just the usual Kurt Thomas stuff.

But Bulls announcer Stacey King, well, he wants you to think about how sexy Kurt Thomas is. He wants you to think about it so bad he says something about Thomas being sexy every time he does anything. It worked on Joakim Noah (the second voice echoing King’s sexy proclamations in that clip) and it’ll probably work on you. Might as well get used to it.

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  1. What made it even funnier was the fact that Joakim and Stacey both agreed that his nickname is “Big Sexy” because he thinks he’s the sexiest man in the NBA.

    Kurt Thomas is awesome, is the point of this comment.

  2. Hey! Joakim Noah is awesome is the point of mine!

  3. Trey, I heart you to pieces – I swear to God, you can ask my wife, I’ve been calling Kurt Thomas “Crazy Eyes” for years! (I also make jokes about him stabbing people during timeouts, but I think that is a conversation for another post.)

  4. Nic D, you’re cool by me.

    Though I disagree — now is the perfect time for a discussion on his stabbing moves.

  5. Dear God, that’s somewhat disturbing coming from an announcer, even more when you consider his tone of voice when he’s saying it.

    Kurt Thomas IS awesome though.

  6. You know, a lot of folks woutd be inclined to think that the Crazy Eyes “happened” during his time in NY – on those” early oughts” teams that us Chicagoans just loved to hate – but I think that I first noticed it during his bizarro year in Seattle. His beautifully pointy head certainly helped that perception – don’t ask me how. I have to say, I was a bit saddened to hear that he is said to be one of the nicest guys in the league, because I constantly fantasize about him shanking 4 people between checking in and checking his man. I will also say, signing him softened the blow of losing (don’t cry Trey) Brad “The Duck” Miller – but can you imagine having them both as JoNo’s backups? Dare to dream!

  7. Also, did anyone other than me and my boys notice the new King-Ism – “GIMME THE HOT SAUCE!!!” – so bad, it’s good.

  8. What im wondering is how the other announcer managed to keep a straight enough face to keep anouncing the game during that.

  9. i cant tell which is a better name for kurt, ‘big sexy’ or ‘crazy eyes’. Crazy eyes is a bit more simple hearted and straight to the point. Big sexy just has so many layers to it. At first you approach with jovial good humor. Then you discover the latent irony lurking around kurt thomas’ mug.

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