Five games tonight. Five games to pick. Easy. Rank ‘em!

Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers
Games between these two teams always seem like a big deal. They know each other so well and the matchups are fun across the board. Good times. Here’s hoping for a classic.

Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks
It’s hard to believe the Clippers are 13th in the West, but that’s what a three win month will do. Nonetheless, Dirk’s back, Blake’s great and this might be a very good game. First time around, the Clips lost by 16, but that was on Halloween so it shouldn’t count since they all played in costumes.

Denver Nuggets at Washington Wizards
Bit of a drop-off in quality here. At least the Wizards are good at home and the Nuggets are bad on the road. Put those together and you have the makings of a decent game. Maybe.

Charlotte Bobcats at Sacramento Kings
Would you rather be a Bobcat or a King? Exactly. Pick Sacramento in this one. Not because they’re royalty, but because the Bobcats’ second unit is really banged up.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics
If either team in this game scores over 90 points, I think we can consider that a minor miracle.