Blake Griffin

Since Blake Griffin has emerged as one of the most dynamic and exciting players in the NBA this season, there has been a movement among fans and the media to come up with a good nickname for him. I guess the logic is that most of the greats have nicknames so we apparently need to christen Blake so announcers have something pithy to scream every time he dunks on some poor soul.

Here are some of the suggested nicknames I’ve heard or read on Twitter recently:

  • Blake Superior (probably the most popular suggestion so far)
  • Shake n’ Blake
  • Quake Griffin
  • Professor Griff
  • Griffin Impossible
  • Poster Child
  • Blake Livelier (funny, but stupid)
  • The Oklahoma Kid (suggested by The Score’s own Sid Seixeiro)

You might like one of those suggestions or you might have already come up with one of your own that you can feel free to post in the comments. Here’s my submission, which I think has a nice ring to it: “Blake Griffin.”

That’s right — it’s his actual name. And you know what? It’s a great friggin’ name. First of all, it just sounds good coming out of your speak-hole whether you say it softly or scream it at the top of your lungs. Furthermore, it’s unique. How many Blakes can you name off the top of your head? Blake Lively, Blake Edwards, Blake Carrington … and that’s pretty much it. The Family Feud category of “Famous Blakes” probably wouldn’t have more than four answers.

Then there’s his last name. It’s the name of a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle. So basically, it’s a powerful and ferocious creature that can fly. Um, hellooooo!

I rest my case — Blake Griffin doesn’t need a damn nickname. And I look forward to going through all this nonsense again when Ricky Rubio eventually comes to the NBA.

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  1. I don’t know about a nickname, but every time Blake scores, the announcers should say, “Two points for Griffindor”

    I’m copyrighting this.

  2. Gryffindor is definitely a suitable nickname for Blake, his leadership and confidence would definitely place him in GRYFFINDOR!

  3. aslong as it has nothing to do with ‘nick grifffin’ – a racist leader in the UK

  4. I suggested Professor Griff (with Baron being Chucker B) but I actually think the Clips announcer would be funny yelling “Shake and Blake! That Just Happened!” after every dunk. It’s better than his “Oh me oh my!”

  5. wasn’t his nickname DUNK PORN

  6. “Two points for Griffindor” gets my vote. He does look like a wizard playing against muggles out there sometimes.

    Yes I am a nerd.

  7. Best nickname i have heard for the kid — “Milkshake” Blake. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but it sounds awesome!

  8. Re: “Shake and Blake”, I only approve of this on Griffin alley-oops. “SHAKE AND BLAKE! AND BARON DAVIS HELPED!”

  9. I’m with Scott I don’t think he needs a nickname, but I am probably bias since we share the same first name and live in the same city.

  10. I agree that Blake Griffin is a great name and doesn’t really scream for a nickname.

    With that said, I am really saddened by the downfall of the creative, old-school nickname (everything now is A-Rod or T-Mac), and have enjoyed the movement to nickname Blake. It’s kinda fun trying to think of clever ones, and hearing other people’s submissions.

    My personal favorite thus far is GIMP- Get In My Poster! Sadly it is not catching on.

  11. i think dennis scott on NBA TV already calls him “must see BG.” any of these nicknames is infinitely better than that.

  12. nailed it right on the head. if his name where blake biffon, people would probabaly call him “the griffin” anyway or maybe “the drake”. either way, he’d be named after some mythical beast.

  13. Come on, this is just typical Gen-X slacker rationale. If the top 50 greatest players in NBA history all had/have nicknames, we can’t start a “your name is perfect” trend because it’s hard to think of a good one. It’s a slap in the face of tradition. We have to try harder, dammit!

    My (awful) suggestions:

    Milk-Chocolate Thunder
    Not Taylor

  14. One vote from me for The Griffin, with the THE in front :))

    And MOS DEF a vote against “High Griffinition” that the guys over at came up with!!!

  15. Simon: As a Gen-Xer myself, I would strenuously object to you classifying me as a slacker but I don’t feel like it right now.

  16. The Bi-Racial Facial.


    Lock it up

  17. I feel that the Clippers are basically HIS team until he ‘takes his talents elsewhere’ or retires. The team should therefore share in the nickname.
    LA has 2 teams… the Lakers and:

    ‘Griffin and the Blakers’

    Sounds like a Big Band.

  18. Eric gets a slow clap for that one. Nicely done.

  19. how about “flying griffin” or simply “The Griffin” since a griffin is a mystical creature with the head of a lion and wings of an eagle…just a thought. Don’t understand why more people have missed the obvious. I guess its missing a certain cache.

  20. When you have a whole site dedicated to “Quake” Griffin highlights, the nickname’s been decided.

  21. or call it like it is.


  22. Blake “The Gift” Griffin

  23. i’m down with High Griffination as stefan up there posted.

  24. I’ve always thought Big Red would be suitable for various reasons…liking Griffindor though, but would work better if he played for Magic or Wizards

  25. It’s a shame he doesn’t steal a lot, or he could have been Strippin’ Griffin.

    How about Blake Rape?

  26. Blake the Great would work to.

  27. blake, gone in 5 years, griffin.

  28. BG…(BeeGee)
    Thats how my boys and I end up calling him….

    Just straight up BG… “BG is just too nasty” …

  29. Blakey Griff Griff….. i think i heard it somewhere, and i’v been using it all season, just seemed catchy to me haha

  30. I’m kinda liking “Bad Blake” after Jeff Bridges’ country-singing badass in Crazy Heart. Simple, but effective.

  31. Blake “trending topic” Griffin.

  32. Scott: that’s slacker talk.

    Eric: you win.

  33. what about…

    The Great Blake (rather than Blake the Great)

    Though i just like referring to him as Grif or Griffindor. WHenever i talk to my bro about ball we always use “did you see Griffindors latest antics near the rim”, “Griffindor is playing at a mind blowing level”, “i want to meet Griffindor”, etc
    And we’re not even that big on Potter, it just has a nice sound to it

  34. “High Griffinition”
    “Blakey Griffy Griffs” or any variation of it
    and “Griffindor”
    are all terrible, terrible nicknames…
    You have to either be a geek or play for the Wizards/Magic to get called Griffindor…

    You can’t call a manchild like him a name from a kids’ book!

    Plus I don’t think every great player has a nickname… I mean, sure, you have the “Admiral”s and “Dream”s and all, but what about a guy like Stockton? I mean: “Stock” isn’t a nickname… Isiah Thomas didn’t have one… Did Bill Russel have one? Or Adrian Dantley, Pippen (“Batman to Mike’s Superman” isn’t a proper nickname), Kevin Johnson or even Kareem?

    You don’t give away nicknames! If we can’t find a proper one, let’s just call him his name, which is, indeed, awesome!
    And no “BG” or “B-Griffin”, it just gets annoying when it goes past K-Mart and MJ… Plus “BG” could be Ben Gordon.

    I don’t think you have to have a play-on-words for a nickname… The best ones (“His Airness”, “Dr. J”, “The Big Dipper”, “The Mailman”, “Magic”, …) don’t… It has to do with the way you play, or you act, or something like that…

    Seeing how big Blake Griffin is, let just Shaq call him “the Big [somethin']“, like he did for KG and Duncan…

    I would just want him to have a nickname, so he doesn’t join KG, KD, KB, AI, LBJ, LO, CP3, TP, GP, MJ, JO, D-Rose, D-Wade, C-Webb, C-Booz, Roddy B, J-Kidd and others in the list of unnimaginative stupid nicknames which aren’t actual nicknames but diminutives…

    I don’t know if it’s the “gen-x slacker” thing, but it does seem like we went awfully fast from nicknaming unnexciting guys like Glenn Robinson a cool “Big Dog” to nicknaming a very, very exciting player like Blake something as uncool as “Blakey Griffy Griffs”…

    I suck at finding good nicknames, but I’m sure trying to do a play-on-words isn’t the way to go… And if you do, try something like “the Ferocious Griffin”, or something that has something to do with the Griffin thing… not with Harry freakin’ Potter!

    Btw, Blake Friggin (read “freaking”) wouldn’t be that bad…

  35. Big Gun
    Do you see my belly now ? :)

  36. Here were the ones I came up with last month

    So sorry first commenter, you can’t copyright that griffindor thing. I wrote this a month ago.

    I’m copyrighting all of my crappy nicknames though. they’re MY crapy nicknames. haha

  37. The Griffter? He steals your soul when he dunks on you.


  39. Why not just call him “The Beast”? After all, there’s no other way to describe him than “Beast”.

  40. And isn’t that what a Griffin is anyhow? A mythical BEAST?

  41. @jason yep, i’ve heard that too. kinda nice actually. though it got some flak from Patrick Ewing enthusiasts claiming hold of the “Gorilla” monicker

    @GT Beast works for me too. It’s just hard to see it catching on. Blame the NBA games for that, it’d be nice calling him “The Beast” ala “The Mailman” or “The Truth”, but he’d sound like a created player from the 2k games

    @Trey ya sure. I get your point about a great player not needing one. But something about this kid just screams “”

    @ShaunCam I think It was actually Trey who used Blakey Griff Griff. I think it was a day when there weren’t any good matches, so he said something like “leaves us a lot of Blakey Griff Griff to watch” something like that. I use it too, and it’s either I got it from Trey, or someone from Yahoosports

    @akswun initials are NOT nicknames! BG?! are you expecting him to sing “staying alive” or somethin? (not a bad idea…)

  42. *just screams “nickname, please”

  43. i’m partial to “b-nasty”

  44. I’m starting to come around to the idea that he doesn’t even need a nickname…. which is said because I thought it should be a The Trending Topic and built a website for it.

  45. Half black half amazing, is a name that has been floating around the internet.

  46. Remember you heard it here first! Blake’s new nickname:

    Alright ya’ll… Let’s hear it for Blake “The Big Truth” Griffin!

  47. I was watching Brent Barry’s top 5 nicknames and they all sound pretty lame, except for “must see BG”. I was thinking what about

    Blake “B-NICE” Griffin.

    Imagine hearing B-Nice for 2!!

    what do you think?

  48. Blake “the shake” Griffin. Cuz i can feel the earth shake all the way in Toronto, when the shake elevates!!!

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