Feet are good for a lot of things. Running, walking, jogging, jumping, creeping out your significant other by pinching them under the covers — you know, typical foot stuff. But Kevin Garnett, and his Chinese shoe company Anta, have found a new use for those always-cold extremities: taunting.

What you see above is the newest colorway of Garnett’s KG1 sneaker, cleverly titled “Beat L.A.” It’s not been explicitly stated, but I’m guessing these will see their debut during Sunday’s matchup with the Lakers in Los Angeles. Just a hunch.

As you can see, the shoes are green. So, so green with some white piping and a few gold flashes, presumably because the Celtics have all those trophies. There’s also a clever little thing on the tongue, where Garnett’s intense eyes give way to a sizable “152-120.” Not coincidentally, that’s the all-time regular season series record between the two teams with the Celtics — again, not coincidentally — in the lead.

No word on whether or not these are going to be available for purchase, but I can’t imagine they will be, as the shoes will be instantly obsolete the moment the game is over. Nonetheless, they look cool and it’s a new and inventive way for the Celtics to diss the Lakers. That’s a winner in my book.

(via Nice Kicks/Aaron Knows)