“I found it funny,” Bryant said. “He was so high up. When you’re on top of a building and you’re throwing a pebble down on the street sometimes you miss the target.”Kobe Bryant, letting everyone know why he was laughing so hard after Shannon Brown’s big missed dunk

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  1. Shannon Brown has changed his game up this year. He wants to prove that he’s not just a dunker. He’s shooting jumpshots and driving to the basket with finesse now. Now we will appreciate his dunking much more now because he’s not dunking as much this year. So when we do see him dunk, it’ll be that more special. Love Shannon. All-Star potential. Also, those dunk attempts last night shows why we call him “The Rim Reaper”.

  2. Sorry but really? “The Rim Reaper” for Shannon Brown? I mean REALLLY!!?? I guess it’s suitable for the way he helped bury the dunk contest but seriously man, Brown is good but all star potential? I don’t think so.

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