Ep. 653: Hello, Bye Week?

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas bounce around Wednesday’s NBA slate like Tigger on crack. Topics discussed include: David Lee’s “boring Spurs” comments, another stomach-punch Wolves game, the Bucks finally finding the three-ball, the Hawks utter lack of interest in getting All-Star Horford the rock, Jeremy Evans’ hops, and whether Utah can build on last night’s loss. All that, plus the guys weigh in on Henry Abbott’s “radical idea” of a NBA midseason vacation. What do you think?

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Comments (15)

  1. if the were to do the week off thing i think it would be easier if they did based on conference. so the east would take a week off while west teams played each other and then the west takes it off.

  2. Don’t like the idea at all.
    First: If you are in this hole in the middle of the season, what would a week of do for you as a fan? Do you feel more relaxed if you didn’t watch ball for a week? I doubt that.
    Second: I think the problem is also, that we have to many games day after day. I mean, there are some teams you didn’t even realy see in January, if you aren’t a hardcore-fan.
    Third: None of the players who want do make it to the playoffs would take a week of and to relax on Jamaica. They would still work out for 4 hours a day to stay in shape.

    My idea: Stretch the season. Let it start earlier an reduce the amount of games by one per team. Everybody would win in this deal. You might cut some pre-season games but you gives a shit about them anyway?

    Just my two cents…

  3. I do like the idea of refreshing the energy of teams but a week off at this time of year doesn’t work for me. Shorten the preseason for sure, but the best solution in my jaded mind is to completely eliminate back to back games forever! I also have a hard time feeling really sorry for these guys making millions to take more vacations. I think a bye week would also stir up more controversy away from the court. Vegas doesn’t usually sharpen a guys basketball skills. Back to backs though do take an unnecessary toll.

  4. Solid Chris Childs burn, Melas. Very solid.

  5. First time seeing the show think its great and definetly agree season is to long they players need some time to rest.

  6. No love for DeMichael DeJordan? For shame guys FOR SHAME!!!

  7. Ridner… sigh…

  8. I don’t agree with having an off-week during the season. Most players are not playing 30 minutes a game and there are enough games in the season that if a big needs a rest they can let him sit one out. In the NFL each game is so important that you need your top players playing even if they are hurt but in the NBA because of the sheer number of games, it’s usually fairly safe to have somebody rest on a sprained ankle or sore eyelash. I do think the season should probably be shorter but we all know that won’t be happening.

  9. The heat have had a stretch of like 2 games in 2 weeks or something, and it’s been really nice for them. I think more teams should get it and it was a de facto week off.

  10. I would love a week off…
    I mean: we got some weeks with no Jones before, we could survive a week with no NBA…
    I’d like that better than the other option you guys suggested, because 2 months of so-so games (hey, if there aren’t as many, you can’t choose what to watch) sounds worse to me than a week off…

    Of course some teams will use that time to train (the Magic should)… Some would let free time to their players (your Spurs), and some others would do a bonding carribean trip TBJ-style (I’m betting on the Cs)…

  11. Bye weeks are a great idea.

    As for Durant, can you imagine what will happen when he starts getting LeBron-like assist numbers? That’ll be his MVP year, for sure.

    I also enjoy what playing for Team USA has done for players like Eric Gordon. I would recommend any young player on a losing team spend a summer on a winning squad. Even headcases could enjoy some discipline from a coach who doesn’t have to take anybody’s shit. Eric has definitely improved because of his summer stint, well worth any exhaustion he may feel during the season. I guess it also helps that he won’t need to play any games after the first week in April. =)

  12. @ DTF: I’m sure Skeets will take notice. He did about his constant use of ‘atrocious’.

    The week off should be Dec 26th through Jan 1st. That’s it. I think it’s ridiculous that they have games on New Year’s Eve.

  13. I love the idea of giving each NBA team a week off. It would refresh everybody on the teams (players and coaches) up and give some player’s time to heal. This would be good to be done the week starting after the trade deadline for the player’s that do get traded on the deadline to get settled in their new city/team. Let these teams be with their family’s and be metally and physically basketball free for at least a couple days in the middle of the season. Especially the player’s, like TBJ said that were playing alllllll summer long for the worlds. I think the players would come out of their week off refreshed and focused even more for their run to the playoffs. But I do like the idea of spreading out the bye week for each team because it would be a long week for the hardcore fan.

    Keep up the awesome work TBJ and I’ll keep watchin.

  14. Well working is hard for most jobs, don’t you agree? Regular folks like us take 20 days off each year. These guys are athletes and they get millions, this is what they are supposed to do, go out and perform.

    If it is so stressful, coaches should just manage their minutes better? Play more than just 7, 8 or 9 guys like more and more teams tend to do these days?!

    Plus one guy before me said – You think players would really take this week off? Of course not, they’ll train even more when they haven’t got games, so they stay in shape :)

    Cut the preseason?! Why? It’s not like the guys that usually take the heaviest load during the season play in preseason games? It’s mostly for rookies, puck up D-Leaguers and undrafted unknown player tryouts anyway?

  15. Jules said it best, just give them a few days around Christmas and that’s all :) They heal and rest for three to four months during the offseason, not to mention players on non-playoff teams…

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