Because of his migraines, Dwyane Wade will be wearing tinted glasses to begin tonight’s game. There are a lot of choices out there, so we thought it’d be nice to offer up some suggestions…

Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Pros: Classic, stylish, lightweight, black matches the Heat’s road uniforms
Cons: Everyone has a pair, including LeBron James

Doc Brown’s Time-Traveling Metal Shades
Pros: Excellent eye protection up to 88 mph, blocks 100 percent of migraine-causing bright lights
Cons: Cannot see out of them as they are made of metal

Pros: Cheap, available at every gas station in America, trendy thanks to “The Hangover”
Cons: Mostly for grandpas, break in about five minutes

Polaroid Camera Glasses
Pros: Can take pictures for immediate film study, created by Lady Gaga, kind of makes you look like Daft Punk
Cons: Probably very heavy, created by Lady Gaga

Shutter Shades
Pros: Lightweight, comes in a variety of colors, Kanye West will think you’re cool
Cons: Played out, does not block migraine-causing bright lights, pretty hard to see out of

Oakley Over-the-Top Sunglasses
Pros: Makes you look like a superhero, effective UV protection, will stay on your noggin during athletic activities
Cons: None