Bill Walton’s still got it

For about a year, Bill Walton was out of the broadcasting game, mostly due to a debilitating back condition that left him on the verge of suicide. Good reason to stop talking about basketball, I’d say. However, as of this season, Walton’s back on the mic and that’s good news for everyone.

Last night, he joined the Celtics’ broadcast team to talk Boston hoops and along his way he dropped some amazing gems. WEEI’s Paul Flannery lovingly compiled the best, several of which should immediately be inducted in to the Waltonisms Hall of Fame.

On oft-injured Portland center Greg Oden:

He should move to Hawaii, lose a ton of weight and start all over… become a yoga master

On former Pistons Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn and Dennis Rodman:

They just made those decisions. That they were going to break all the rules of human decency.

On Ray Allen’s shooting form:

Flawless … like Yosemite Falls coming right through the rim

After pleading for Kevin Garnett to come back in the game, Walton seemed almost sad that Semih Erden was checking in instead.

Semih’s not as good as KG

After the camera caught Garnett in the middle of his pregame ritual where he bangs his head against the basket stanchion:

Kevin Garnett, working on his repetitive head injuries

Maybe no “When I think of Boris Diaw, I think of Beethoven in the age of the romantics,” but this guy is still the best. Simply the most quotatious, loquacious marvel of modern broadcasting this, or any, planet has ever seen.