Due to traffic on the interstate, we can’t show you our entire 22-minute television program from Thursday night. But what we can show you is the first ever TBJ “Anti-Awards” (Least Valuable Player, Anti-Improved, Worst Rookie of the Year), Brent Furtney’s report on The Jones’ Five-Year Anniversary Live Show, our All-Star starter selections, and a sartorial Wanker of the Week. Enjoy!

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Comments (17)

  1. Skeets, you shouldn’t give Least Valuable Player to Stephen Jackson, say he should pass the ball more to Gerald Wallace in the clutch… and then give Wallace the Anti-Improved Award. Sounds like a no-win situation.

    Brent, here’s some advice about using the word “live” twice in the first 10 seconds of your report – a clip from The West Wing that explains it better (2:58 min mark):


  2. Brent Furtney is hilarious. Reminds me of Gerry D

  3. Brent is pretty good.

  4. Three things:

    1. Vesper, that’s how bad Captain Jackson is! I blame Gerald Wallace’s regression on him! (Semi-kidding.)

    2. Brent Furtney is hilarious. No doubt.

    3. Thanks for watching, team.

  5. This is my favorite episode of The Plaidsketball Jones.

  6. As a blogger for the Bobcats (yeah, yeah har har), I’d agree with Skeets on just about all he said. Stephen Jackson has been absolutely dreadful this season, culminating in a truly horrendous January, in which he’s shooting 36% from the field and 26.5% from the three. However, I wouldn’t put much of the blame on him for Wallace’s struggles. As you mentioned, his shooting from distance is off. But more than that, he’s having trouble finishing at the rim. Maybe these are just lingering effects from his injuries at the beginning of the month, but I would have expected him to be fully healed by now. Plus there’s just something off about his defense, but I can’t put my finger on it.

    TBJ guys, good work as usual.

  7. Hey guys, big fan of the show, but I disagree with your call on the rookie situation. Ekpe Udoh (pronounced Ep-Eh by the way) is alot better than the stats show. He obviously doesn’t get alot of minutes with the warriors considering their big man rotation of Andris, Gadzurich, Amundson, Lee, etc, but when he’s in, he really does alot. Solid rebounder, can affect shots in the lane, and he has a really nice mid-range stroke for his size. I understand where you guys are coming from, but if you watched more warrior games, I think you’d maybe change your mind.

  8. Big X are you by any chance a Warriors fan?

  9. Granger is the right call on the anti-improved…he’s the only guy who, when I watch his team this year, I saw “wow….that guy really blows now…what happened?”, and that’s happened multiple times. Just a couple years ago, Tas was calling for him to be in the all-star game instead of the Truth.

  10. Haha, yeah I am. I obviously have a bias towards the warriors, but just wanted to throw that out there.

  11. Appreciate the opinion, Big X. I really hate commenting on rookies because they’re the most difficult players to assess if you don’t see all their minutes, but, I have not been impressed in what I’ve seen. If Gadzuric is preventing Udoh from seeing the floor, that says a lot.

  12. Well… don’t you all look very Canadian with those shirts…

  13. David Stern could fix the All-Star voting problem by…banning Chinese fans from voting. But he won’t, because he’s too busy trying to tap that (market). Stern is the one that created this problem, not China. Just as an aside, how come Yi never gets starter status?

  14. I totally understand where you’re coming from Tas. I just think if he were given regular minutes, he’d have better stats to show for it.

  15. And again Skeets uses his favorite word. Dont think there was a episode in the past year where he didn’t used it. If you dont know what i mean its at 8:50 min….

  16. As a close native to DC, it’s no surprise the equipment managers from the Wizards got wanker of the week, the Nationals (MLB) have this issue too, maybe you remember (or dont) when they mispelled their own team name on their uniforms…the “Natinals”

  17. Is Brent Furtney half retarded? I hope its just an act because he looks like he’s tries too hard to be a lesser Will Farell, the guy is not funny and simply a waste of air time, they really need to get rid of this guy

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