To say that the Portland Trail Blazers have a die-hard fan base is a bit of an understatement. Their rabid fans make the Rose Garden a destination arena and they treat their players like family, supporting them through ups, downs and endless knee surgeries. And, as you probably know, those fans go crazy each and every time a Blazer hits a three, with fans and players alike throwing up “Three Goggles.”

What started as an inside joke between Rudy Fernandez and Patty Mills has now blossomed in to a full-force movement in Portland as the Three Goggles have inspired copycats, t-shirts, marriage proposals and now finally, a pair of actual glasses. Last night at the Rose Garden’s store, fans were able to buy their own pair of Three Goggles for an appropriately priced $3.

The glasses are a hit. Earlier in the day, a few of the Blazers modeled them at a bowling event. Wesley Matthews traded in his dark shooting glasses for a pair and Patty Mills wore the infamous eyewear as well, accessorizing with a fan’s dog. Even former Celtic turned broadcaster Cedric Maxwell got into the goggle zone.

While the eyewear may not be practical or fashionable, this is a fun gimmick that Blazers’ fans are snatching up. Not to mention, it also allows for hands-free goggling, because who wants to put down their beer every time the team sinks a three? Furthermore, the Blazers’ marketing department also jumped on the goggle-mania by promoting a “Three Goggles Ticket Package” that includes two tickets to three games, two pairs of the glasses and a Rudy Fernandez or Patty Mills replica jersey.

The tickets are available online, but unfortunately the glasses can only be purchased at the Rose Garden. Perhaps a few pairs will hit eBay along with a three goggles-sporting Wesley Matthews bobblehead, but we’ll have to wait and see. (Unfortunately, the bobblehead may have jinxed Matthews against the Celtics. The second-year guard struggled. going 4 for 15 and had only 2 baskets from beyond the arc.) The only thing missing on the glasses is that they’re not rose-coloured.

Of course, what would really benefit the Blazers fans is if they were X-ray specs. It seems like the Blazers could use some easy access medical equipment.